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Wraparound Care

Supporting parents outside of school hours.

We are proud to provide an education that meets the needs of all families.

We offer on-site care before and after school for all students in Kindergarten & Pre-School, Cumnor House Boys and Cumnor House Girls, for an extra charge. This provision runs alongside our full and varied after-school extra-curricular programme.

During the holidays we partner with SuperCamps to offer fun activities and sports on-site, for children aged 4-12 years of age.

Before & After school care

Kindergarten & Pre-School, Breakfast & Tea-Time Club.

The Kindergarten & Pre-Schools open at 8:00am where a breakfast bar is provided. Breakfast finishes at 9:00am when all the children start their welcome session. There is no extra cost for the breakfast bar.

For term-time Kindergarten & Pre-School children at our Purley site, there is the option to use Tea-Time Club from 3:00pm, subject to availability. There is an additional charge for the Tea-Time club, which will be added to your termly invoice. Meals are included in the fees.

For year-round Kindergarten & Pre-School children at our South Croydon site, the fees include childcare provision up to 6:00pm.

Teachers go above and beyond to support the children and to make this a fun learning environment.

– Cumnor House Parent

Available to older students from 7:30am - 6:00pm.

At Cumnor House Boys and Cumnor House Girls we operate Breakfast and After School Care. Children can attend these at either the Boys’ or Girls’ School, whichever is more convenient.

Our Breakfast Clubs start from 7:30am and children must be at school at 7:45am to have breakfast.

After School Club operates from 3:15pm - 6:00pm.

There is a shuttle bus provided (free of charge) to take pupils between sites before and after school.

WRAPAROUND CARE CHARGES | September 22 – August 23

If the offer you need is not on Cognita Connect, please call the school office so it can be added for you. For year-round Kindergarten & Pre-School children at our South Croydon site, the fees include childcare provision up to 6:00pm.
Booked prior to 4:00pm the day before attendance date
Late booking (made after 4:00pm the day before attendance date)
Main School£3.95/hour£7.50
Kindergarten & Pre-School (Purley)£5.25/hour£7.50

Advance payment made for a whole term, via an offer, will attract a 10% discount

Booked prior to 2:00pm on attendance date
Late booking (made after 2:00pm on attendance date)
Main School£4.50/hour£7.50
Kindergarten & Pre-School (Purley)£5.25/hour£7.50

Late Collection – After School Care closes at 6:00pm (all locations) | £20 for every 15 minutes after 6:00pm

Half term and holiday clubs

SuperCamps – fun & engaging school holiday clubs.

SuperCamps are part of the Cognita group; they ensure the highest standard of care in line with the Cognita family values.

Camps are led by qualified and experienced staff offering a wide range of fun and engaging activities for children aged 4 -12 years throughout the school holidays.

Complement term time learning with flexible childcare options.

SuperCamps are more than just kids holiday clubs aimed to tackle school holiday boredom; they complement term-time education by acting as a medium for child-led learning.

As they are fully Ofsted-registered, they also accept childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare as full or part payment. With flexible childcare options, their Multi-Activity camps are bookable as individual days or a week at a time and with extended hour options to help working parents with early drop-offs and late pick-ups.

All holidays covered.

Running during all Half-Term holidays, as well as Easter and Summer at Cumnor House; SuperCamps Multi-Activity camps offer an exciting programme of creative activities, team games and sports.

Call SuperCamps on 01235 467300.

Cumnor House School

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