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School Vision & Values

Our students enjoy a rich and diverse education.

As a school for children aged 2-13, we are privileged at Cumnor House to be able to offer the best of both worlds.

Our two Kindergarten and Pre-Schools are co-educational, recognising that very young children thrive in an environment that, regardless of gender, is interactive, playful and collaborative.

As children progress through their education to our Girls’ and Boys’ Schools, we know that being in a single-sex environment brings both academic and social benefits.

Being free to be themselves, our pupils are empowered and enlightened. They are able to grow as individuals, develop strong relationships, and embrace everything we have to offer at Cumnor House.


Encouraging every child to be their best self.

From a young age, we support our children in their development of a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness, perseverance, reflection and critical thinking. Our impressive nurseries instil confidence, encourage healthy competition and prepare children for the next step on their educational pathway.

This thirst for growth and knowledge stays with students throughout their school years. At both our Boys' and Girls' Schools, students are encouraged to be their 'best selves' without gender stereotyping, meaning they enter each stage of their lives best prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.


Our ethos is to equip students with the skills to flourish.

At Cumnor House School we provide a challenging yet compassionate learning environment that respects the individuality of every child.

We encourage our children to look at themselves and the world around them in a different way, developing the curiosity, open-mindedness and critical thinking needed to achieve above and beyond expectation.

In doing so, we encourage every child to believe in themselves and their ability to cope with the challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead.

School Aims:

The Cumnor Way.

The Cumnor Way.


We do things our way. The Cumnor Way.

Cumnor House School is defined by strong values that shape our every day. We call this 'The Cumnor Way'.

We encourage all children, in our Kindergarten and Pre-Schools, Boys' and Girls' Schools, to live and breathe our core values. It’s what sets us apart from everyone else, but brings us all together. It’s what makes it possible for our pupils to be their best selves at school and beyond.

The Cumnor Way is something students carry with them throughout school and often for the rest of their lives.

The Cumnor Way - core values that shape our students

We support our pupils to be brave, to have a go and to be unafraid to fail. Whether it’s performing on stage, addressing an audience in public speaking competitions or on the sports field, our pupils believe they can.

We encourage our children to show empathy, kindness and support through initiatives such as our regular fundraising for charities and causes that mean something to us as a community.

We want our pupils to give everything they have, to approach every challenge with enthusiasm. We give pupils the opportunity to try new things through our extensive enrichment programme, learning how to be their best selves by pushing themselves further than they thought possible.

Our pupils develop a strong moral compass, knowing what feels right and leading with their heart as well as their head.

To be your best self, we know that pupils must truly believe in themselves. We help our pupils develop that deep-down confidence that will stand them in good stead for their future.
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The school has really helped my child with their overall development; areas such as academics, sports and music. Further, teachers really provided additional support for 11-plus, facing interviews, entrance tests and character development. Really pleased with the progress achieved.

– Cumnor House Parent

Cumnor House School

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