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Cumnor Boys Academic Excellence

Independent school scholarships and offers.

Cumnor House School is delighted to announce Senior school and Grammar school offers and scholarships, having achieved exceptional results and securing places at leading destination schools in 2022.

With the Cumnor House philosophy of educating and developing the whole child, our leavers are all bright, confident, articulate, talented individuals, who will all be real assets to their chosen Senior school and we are immensely proud of our leavers’ achievements.

"Cumnor House Boys have, for over 40 years, been a significant feeder school to Whitgift providing some of the area’s very best and most talented boys to us."

Simon Beck, Registrar Whitgift.

110 Offers and 47 Scholarships (these include academic, sports, music and Heads Awards) in 2022
9 places awarded to local Selective Grammar Schools
2 awarded with a Peter Beckwith Scholarship, Harrow and a Tonbridge Foundation Scholarship
Schools offered include:
High quality learning.

In Reception, our children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which is supplemented with additional teaching of literacy and numeracy using aspects of the Year 1 National Curriculum. Typically, our children achieve approximately 20% above the average level of development in all areas of learning.

Our curriculum is mapped from Reception to Year 8 and offers continuity and progression through the primary school years. Our internal assessments take place every term and your child’s progress is closely monitored. As well as our internal assessments, our children are benchmarked nationally with GL assessments across the school from Years 1- 8.

“Supportive & nurturing environment providing great educational facilities and opportunities for boys to learn at their own pace. Individual needs are understood, respected and developed.”

– Cumnor House Boys’ Parent

11+ Preparation

A focused curriculum.

Our preparation for 11+ ensures that children are taught with a focus on developing skills in readiness for the 11+ entrance examinations.

Dedicated time is allocated in the timetable from Years 5 and Year 6 and, from Year 3, all children have access to LBQ (Learning by Questions) and Century Tech, an online educational platform introduced to support the learning process. Extra 11+ practice clubs are offered to pupils in Years 5 and 6 after school.

13+ Preparation

Ensuring our pupils are always ready.

Preparation for 13+ also ensures that our pupils are ready for their entrance examinations. This is through dedicated time for practice tests, revision of key aspects of subjects and support through practice clubs and booster groups.

In Year 7 parents are invited to a future school presentation where we can provide advice and support on the application process. At the beginning of Year 8, you will then have the opportunity to meet with the Head of Upper School to discuss options.

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