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Staff list

Nursery – Staff List 2023/2024

Find out who’s who in the team of wonderfully caring and highly qualified staff at Cumnor House Kindergarten and Pre-Schools.



Cognita CEO: Frank Maassen
Cognita European Director of Education: Nicola Lambros
Cognita European CEO: Michael Drake  


Miss Emma EdwardsHead of School and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Eloise UpfoldHead of Early Years and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Daisy ClarkNursery Manager (South Croydon)
Mrs Carol HollandsDeputy Nursery Manager (Purley)
Mr James CarrollChair of Governors
Mr Daniel Heavens School Operations Manager

Nursery Teachers

Mrs Susan DrummieNursery Teacher and EYs DDSL (South Croydon)
Mrs Lee-Ann RhodesNursery Teacher
Mrs Louise ContrerasNursery Teacher


Mrs V Heavens Nursery Practitioner
Mrs MS Skervin Nursery Practitioner
Miss T Garner Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Rekha KheraNursery Practitioner
Mrs Paula BrownNursery Practitioner
Mrs Graziella EdmondsNursery Practitioner
Mrs Angela KingNursery Practitioner
Mrs Sarah LonghurstNursery Practitioner
Mrs Jane SaulNursery Practitioner
Ms Kazimiera PetruškevicieneNursery Practitioner
Mrs Hena BarryTrainee Nursery Practitioner
Ms Sayyida MehraliLevel 3 Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Sandra Stoneham Trainee Nursery Practitioner
Miss Kirsty Northwood Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Jane Flannery Nursery Practitioner – ASC & Holiday Care Lead
Ms Elmina Taras Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Suelen Da Silva Nursery Practitioner
Ms Frank KakurunguNursery Practitioner
Miss Trinayana Sihna RoyNursery Practitioner
Mr Cathal Contreras Zero hours EYs holidays cover
Mrs Laura Head Nursery Practitioner
Ms Edwina Osei-Tutu Nursery Practitioner

Support Staff

Mr Daniel Heavens School Operations Manager
Mrs J Snow Cleaning Supervisor
Miss S Kitchenside Cleaning Operative
Ms A. Yorrick Cleaning Operative
Ms G. Taylor Cleaning Operative
Ms M. Pineda Cleaning Operative
Mr A. Agular Cleaning Operative
Mr A Becker Cleaning Operative
Mr J. DrummieCleaning Operative
Ms. J. BrykChef Manager
Ms K. ParkerHead Chef, Purley Kindergarten & Pre School
Ms M. LeitchCatering Assistant
Ms H. Turner Catering Staff
Ms Y. Flannery Catering Staff

Cumnor House School

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