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Cumnor Boys School

Welcome to Cumnor House Boys' School.

Welcome to Cumnor House Boys’ School, Croydon. Here at Cumnor House Boys’, we’re dedicated to giving our children the perfect platform to achieve their potential.

Our philosophy is to ensure that each pupil at Cumnor House is given the opportunity to develop not just on an educational level, but also socially. Therefore, our curriculum contains varied subjects and activities, ensuring that every child gets the most out of the time they spend at school.

By striking the perfect balance between disciplined learning practices and a friendly atmosphere we can be confident in providing the perfect environment for our children to flourish.

A Supportive Environment.

We provide a compassionate and caring learning environment which allows each child to ‘be their best self’.

Stand Out from the Crowd.

Supporting children to be leaders, to believe in themselves and to dare to be different.

Teaching Children Values.

Educate children using the values of The Cumnor Way - timeless principles that form the foundations of our school community.

Our vision and values.

Cumnor House aims to achieve high standards of progress for all children, using a personalised approach to learning; enabling all children to reach their potential. Each child is inspired, challenged and supported in all aspects of their development. From Early Years to the end of Year 8 we encourage children to know and follow The Cumnor Way.

These are quite simply our expectations of every child across our school community to create an ethos where compassion, courage, belief, endeavour and integrity are at the heart of all we do.

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Opportunities for all children.

Located in South Croydon, our school is so much more than meets the eye; we pride ourselves on the facilities at Cumnor.

A short walk up Pampisford Road we have an excellent 10 acre Sports facility. Here the boys play football, rugby, cricket, athletics and a range of minor games. On this site there is also a Sport Pavilion.

The teachers and leadership go above and beyond with their attention to detail. The teacher-pupil relationships as well as peer relationships our son has formed are excellent. He is really being stretched to achieve his own potential, rather than being regarded as a statistic.

– Cumnor Boys Parent

Our Approach

The best possible versions of themselves.

Cumnor House Boys' School is the perfect place for boys to be inspired, to strive for the best, to believe that anything is possible and to become the very best version of themselves. We ensure that every child at Cumnor House is allowed to develop educationally and socially.

We stretch and challenge our boys academically, making sure that they are supported to believe that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. We encourage our boys to become compassionate, caring and emotionally intelligent young men, with the ability to work collaboratively to solve the problems of the 21st Century.

We are delighted that Cumnor House Boys' School has been shortlisted in the Independent School of the Year Awards 2023 for 'Best Prep School'.


Life beyond the classroom.

A truly great education should nourish the whole child. We offer a huge range of extra-curricular activities that will fire up every imagination. From tennis, mindfulness, the pupil leadership team, journalism clubs, and residential trips, there is something for everyone.

We offer a vast variety of different activities each week: before and after school and at lunchtime. The vast majority of these are free of charge as we consider this aspect of school life essential to the holistic education we provide.

Cumnor House School

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