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Healthy Food Choices

Healthy bodies are essential for a healthy mind.

Lunchtime is an important part of the school day at Quinton House. It’s a great opportunity for the children to recharge their batteries and enjoy some social time with their friends – and a healthy and nutritious meal is a big part of that experience.

Chartwells (a leading provider of catering for independent schools) work with us to deliver tasty, freshly-prepared meals that have been developed by award-winning chefs.

A Healthy Variety

Together, we aim to embed the importance of eating healthily from a young age.

Part of this journey includes encouraging our students to care for the environment through sustainable food sources. As such, we support British farmers, and we buy locally sourced eggs and milk.

We offer a wide range of dishes to choose from:
  • A selection of hot meals, with plenty of vegetarian options

  • A full salad bar, with bread rolls or baguettes

  • A selection of hot and cold desserts

  • Soup or jacket potatoes are available every day

Delicious meals

We support children in developing their culinary curiosity.

From themed events such as Mexican Day and Chinese New Year in which our children are given the opportunity to try new foods from around the world, through to a delicious Christmas dinner and creative Halloween party nibbles.

This is further enhanced by our ‘Eat Vibrantly’ initiative in which one high-nutrient fruit or vegetable (such as beetroot and avocado) is introduced to the children each month. By the end of the month, we endeavour to make sure that the students have added something new and nutritious to their diet.

Food allergies

There is a triple checking system in place for Nursery and Preparatory School students with special diets.

This system is to ensure they are catered for safely. We ask our Senior School and Sixth Form students with special diets to liaise directly with Chartwells staff during lunchtime, to ensure their needs are met.

Students with food allergies from Nursery through to Sixth Form are catered for. Relevant information will need to be provided from the student’s medical consultant, general practitioner or registered dietitian; to ensure that Chartwells can safely meet the needs of the child.

If you have any questions regarding the options available, please email Chartwells via the link below and they will be happy to help.

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