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Destination Schools

Support for the 'right' destination school.

Every year our students are awarded places at a wide range of independent senior schools. We have close links with many senior schools, and long-standing experience in supporting scholarship applications and the Common Entrance Exam.

We work closely with each child to help them identify the school that is right for them, best matching their interests and abilities. Full preparation for both the 11+ (Girls' and Boys' Schools) and the 13+ (Boys' School) is undertaken to ensure students are familiar with content and comfortable in taking these exams when the time comes.

Destination Schools

Opening the door to future opportunities.

Our close relationships with leading Grammar and Senior Schools enables us to advise which pathway will be right for each pupil. The mutual respect that we share means that a Cumnor House pupil comes with a reputation as being academically well-prepared and in possession of the softer skills that will stand them apart.

Every year, we are delighted that our pupils receive offers from some of the very best, most selective and prestigious schools both locally and in the UK.

Our destination schools for 2023 can be seen below:

Destinations of Leavers 2023: CH Boys
Destinations of Leavers 2023: CH Girls


Focused preparation for success.

Our pupils are exceptionally well prepared for their Common Entrance Exams, taking the experience in their stride.

We begin preparing pupils many years in advance, working with them and their families to ease any anxieties and ensure that destination schools are right for each individual.

We maintain excellent relationships with some of the most selective schools in the area and throughout the UK and are able to use these connections to advise families on the school that will take their child's education to the next level.

Our results are excellent across the board, with both boys and girls receiving offers to their first choice Grammar or Independent Schools year after year.

Scholarship Successes

Outstanding achievements.

Every year our pupils are awarded scholarships alongside their offers to continue their education at some of the best local and national schools in the country.
Scholarships in 2023 were awarded to both girls and boys for the full range of awards including: Academic, Sport, Music, Art and Drama, in addition to a special Head’s Award for 8 pupils. We are delighted that Cumnor House pupils continue to be recognised in this way – for both their academic achievements but also their ability in extra-curricular activities and for their personal qualities.
The number of scholarships awarded and from which schools can be seen below:

Scholarships Awarded 2023: CH Boys
Scholarships Awarded 2023: CH Girls

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