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Cumnor Girls Academic Excellence

Independent school scholarships and offers.

Cumnor House School is delighted to announce Senior and Grammar school offers and scholarships for 2021-2022 and, once again, Cumnor House Girls have achieved exceptional results, securing places at leading destination schools.

With the Cumnor House philosophy of educating and developing the whole child, our leavers are all bright, confident, articulate, talented individuals, who will all be real assets to their chosen Senior school. We are immensely proud of our leavers’ achievements who have exceeded our offers record at 11+.

"I am so proud of our Year 6 girls. They have represented themselves, and the school, well during the whole 11+ process. They have emerged with a superb set of results in terms of offers of places, scholarships and awards."

Mrs Amanda McShane, Headmistress, Cumnor Girls.

61 Offers and 50 Scholarships (these include academic, sports, music and Heads Awards) in 2022.
6 girls gained places to local selective Grammar Schools.
Our girls were awarded the top two scholarships that Old Palace give, and gained five Academic Scholarships for Caterham, from a total of 20 that are awarded.
Schools offered include:
High quality learning.

From Reception a child's progress and attainment are assessed and reported in detail, using National Curriculum Levels in core subjects.

The high quality of teaching and our excellent learning support team ensure that the vast majority of children achieve above national expectations and make better than expected progress.

“I just wanted to write to say what an absolute pleasure it has been interviewing the Cumnor students this year. They have been so confident, down to earth and positive!”

– Jane Burton, Headteacher of Old Palace of John Whitgift School


An aim to excel.

Our curriculum is mapped from Reception to Year 6 and offers continuity and progression through the primary school years. We use regular assessments to track pupil progress and target our teaching to ensure that all girls progress.

Internal assessments take place every half term and as well as our internal assessments, our children are benchmarked nationally with GL assessments across the Prep School from Years 1 - 6. Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT) are also introduced from Year 4 onwards.

Within the curriculum, there is a drive towards 11+ success, and Year 5 pupils have plenty of opportunities during holidays and weekends to take practice papers. The Year 5 girls will also take an English Speaking Board (ESB) examination which will develop their confidence in public speaking and presenting, preparing them ahead of senior school interviews.

Cumnor House School

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