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Cumnor House Nursery

Quality co-educational childcare to suit your family's needs.

We provide an educational journey for children that starts at our Kindergarten & Pre-Schools and continues through to Reception, as children progress to our Girls' and Boys' Schools. Each stage is structured for continued growth and preparation for secondary school.

We welcome children from the age of 2 years into our Kindergarten, and from the age of 3 years into our Pre-School.

All children who attend either of our Pre-Schools are automatically transferred to our Reception classes to continue their learning.


National accreditation awarded to CHS Kindergarten & Pre-School.

The Quality Mark for Early Years promotes the development of young children in their communication, language and early mathematical skills.


Providing opportunities for all.

Our two co-educational Kindergarten and Pre-Schools are located near to both our main schools and offer families a term-time and year round nursery provision.

Each site has full access to extensive grounds, Forest School and specialist teachers.

Our distinct locations and focus on transition into Reception mean our Kindergarten & Pre-Schools are undoubtedly unique in the local area.


Purley: our term-time co-educational provision.

Our Purley Kindergarten & Pre-School is located on the tree lined, gated community of the Webb Estate, a residential conservation site in Purley.

Open during term time from 8:00am to 3:00pm to fit in with school hours, Purley provides a safe space for children aged 2-4 years to learn about themselves and the world around them. The site is shared with Reception, helping with the transition into school.

The site has large classrooms for free-flow learning, its own Forest School, multiple all weather playgrounds as well as a library and large hall for concerts and plays.

South Croydon: year-round co-educational nursery provision.

We recognise that many of our parents require flexibility and support out of standard school hours.

Open 51 weeks of the year, from 8:00am-6:00pm, our South Croydon Kindergarten & Pre-School provides children aged 2-4 years with consistent care in a home-from-home environment.

South Croydon is located on Pampisford Road, overlooking 10 acres of Cumnor Sports Ground – a quiet gem in a busy city. Located next to our Boys’ School, children benefit from large, all-weather play areas and airy classrooms, enabling free flow learning through play and an excellent learning landscape.


A caring, friendly and educational environment that nurtures potential.

At Cumnor House Kindergarten & Pre-School, each child is given one-to-one teaching and is treated as an individual to make excellent progress with their learning and all-around development.

It is our belief that by providing a rich curriculum, giving children opportunities to challenge themselves and think independently in a caring and welcoming environment, lays solid foundations to ensure accelerated progress.

Each site has age-appropriate rooms with numerous learning through play activity stations, an on-site kitchen with its own cook who endeavours to meet each child’s need, and outdoor learning areas. The children enjoy a caring and encouraging environment in which to develop and learn.

Join us for an Open Morning

A day in Kindergarten and Pre-School.

Specialist staff

Our Kindergartens are led by NVQL3 Early Years Practitioners giving children a supportive learning environment as they take their first steps into education.

Our Pre-Schools are led by Early Years teachers giving these children a solid foundation for learning in preparation for transition to Reception in the September following their fourth birthday.

Teaching the whole child

Our teaching incorporates a blend of communication and language development, social and emotional development and physical development.

Children have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of specialist teacher-led activities and experiences across the week - from Music, Spanish and Games.

Play in the foundation stage

Through play our children explore and develop the learning experiences that help them make sense of the world.

They practice and build up their ideas, learn how to control themselves and begin to understand the need for rules. They think creatively both alongside other children and on their own.

Nutritional needs and sleep

Our Kindergarten & Pre-Schools are fortunate to have on-site catering teams who will provide for a child’s individual needs including vegetarian requirements and allergies.

With a snack break in the morning, a nutritious hot lunch, and tea in the afternoon, children have time to relax and socialise together. An optional afternoon sleep is also available for those who need it.


What is Kindergarten and Pre-School?

Children at Cumnor House experience a broad and well-balanced Early Years curriculum. This is supported with a combination of adult-led activities, planned experiences and purposeful play.

The children develop literacy and numeracy skills as well as physical, intellectual, creative and emotional skills. To support excellent progress our pupils are introduced to learning through a mixture of activities with a strong focus on reading and numeracy.

Our highly qualified team deliver personalised learning for each child, ensuring our pupils are being supported as their interest and abilities develop.

All our pupils have a range of specialist lessons, from Spanish, Cookery, PE, Music and Forest School. In addition, we offer wrap-around care to meet families' needs.

How does Kindergarten evolve into Pre-School?

From a young age, every one of our pupils is challenged to live up to a clearly defined set of values.

Standalone classes with targeted learning are delivered to each age group – ensuring that children build a foundation for learning.

Led by the Head of Early Years and with qualified teachers in each Pre-School, our pupils develop their fine and gross motor skills, build social relationships and routines and establish their self-belief and resilience as they enter the next stage of their school lives.

When the children enter Pre-School they start to wear school uniform. We find this helps aid a smooth transition into the main school, giving pupils a sense of belonging and pride as they prepare for their next step into Reception.

A lovely team who are always smiling and who have shown much care to our child. Cumnor Kindergarten & Pre-School has helped develop our child's confidence and given her a great education foundation. Cumnor has everything you would like to see as a parent.

– Kindergarten and Pre-School Parent


Healthy bodies are essential for a healthy mind.

Lunch and snack time is an important part of the school day at Cumnor House. It’s a great opportunity for the children to recharge their batteries and enjoy some social interaction with their friends – and healthy and nutritious food is a big part of that experience.

Thomas Franks (a leading provider of catering for independent schools) work with us to deliver tasty, freshly-prepared meals that have been developed by award-winning chefs.

Our lunch menu operates on a four week rolling programme and we cater for all dietary needs and provide a menu that offers halal and vegetarian options.

Daily snack and lunch schedule

Cumnor House Kindergarten & Pre-School is fortunate to have its own on-site cooks who will cater for a child’s individual needs. Many children require a vegetarian option and we are vigilant in our provision of this. If your child has extreme allergies to particular food types, please inform us before your child starts with us and we will put together a tailored menu plan. Children will be offered the following on a daily basis:
Food provided
10:00amMorning snackFresh Fruit
12:00pmLunchtimeHot lunch
2:00pmMid-afternoon drinkWater

Cumnor House School

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