Welcome to Cumnor House Private School, Surrey

Cumnor House is a small group of independent educational establishments in the heart of Surrey, for children aged from 2 up to 13 years.

The Cumnor journey starts at Cumnor House Nursery (with sites in South Croydon and Purley) for children aged 2 to 4 years old.  At reception age (4+) children move into one of our two single-sex Preparatory Schools, Cumnor House School for Boys, in South Croydon (for boys aged 4 to 13), or Cumnor House School for Girls in Purley (for girls aged 4 to 11).

Read ‘Why Choose Cumnor’ to find out what makes the Cumnor journey and the Cumnor House ethos so popular, respected and successful.

Why Choose Cumnor House?

An Outstanding Start to Education

Cumnor House Nursery offers a truly ‘outstanding’ (ISI Dec 2013) educational nursery experience in our settings in South Croydon and Purley.  Choose from term-time or 51-week provision.

Traditional Values

As two traditional single-sex Preparatory Schools, we subscribe to those timeless values that embrace good manners, courtesy, self-respect, respect for others and a sense of duty and responsibility.

Academic Excellence

At both Cumnor House Schools, we provide an enriching and fulfilling all-round education, where talent and potential are recognised and nurtured.  We aspire to high academic standards as well as offering impressive co-curricular opportunities.

Scholarships Awarded by Senior Schools

Cumnor House’s exit record for both boys and girls is truly remarkable with a consistent host of scholarships offered every year from prestigious Senior Schools.

Exceptional Extra Curricular Programme

We actively promote and celebrate achievement in sport, music and the arts at all levels and offer a wide range of co-curricular activities to facilitate these opportunities.

Top Destination Senior Schools

We are proud of our pupils’ consistent examination success to leading HMC schools, the Whitgift Foundation Schools and local grammar schools.