Cumnor House School for Girls and Boys is a place where your child will aspire to be the best they can be. We help every child build on their strengths, to believe in themselves, to be distinctive and to challenge themselves with high expectations. Our approach empowers children to be leaders and provides an educational standard that ensures children are well prepared for their future.

Throughout 2020, Cumnor House School provided certainty, consistency and structure at a time when all were hard to come by. Now, as we begin 2021 in lockdown, our Online Learning provisions will ensure that pupils receive continuous and uninterrupted education.

Our Admissions department also remains virtually open, ready to talk to you about your child’s educational future.


Our personalised programme of education enables all children to reach their potential and achieve high standards of academic attainment.


Our children are supported to be leaders, to be themselves and dare to be different; with our compassionate and caring learning environment and outstanding academic success at 11+ and 13+ each child is given the opportunity to ‘be their best self’.


Our school values The Cumnor Way underpin our school community – Courage, Compassion, Belief, Endeavour and Integrity – developing the whole child each day. Our Music, Sports, Arts and Drama provision is second to none as well as a host of enrichment activities – right from the Nursery years.

South London Location

We have four unique South London locations committed to knowing the individual at every stage of their school career.
Each location is easily accessible with excellent facilities and specialist staff.

Nursery School Purley

2 years to 4 years

Located on the Webb Estate in Purley our term time nursery is a place where children can grow and start their learning journey.

Mrs Eloise Upfold
Head of Early Years

Nursery School Croydon

2 years to 4 years

Overlooking spacious sports fields our caring and warming year round nursery for girls and boys offers a superb environment for young learners to grow.

Mrs Eloise Upfold
Head of Early Years

School for Boys’

4 years to 13 years

Cumnor House School for Boys’ is a place where your child can learn to question, to explore new opportunities and achieve great success.

Miss Emma Edwards
Head of School

School for Girls’

4 years to 11 years

Located on the Webb Estate Purley, Cumnor House School for Girls is a place where children can grow, develop ideas, feel confident and be their best self.

Mrs Amanda McShane



Our pupils develop a strong academic foundation and, vitally, a genuine love of learning during their formative years of education.



Our extra-curricular provision sparks curiosity, compassion, courage and encourages our children to dare to be different.



The welfare of every child is at the heart of our ethos and we aim to support pupils in all aspects of school life at Cumnor House.



Our dedicated and passionate team of teachers encourage and inspire pupils in all aspects of school life.