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  • At Cumnor House, we pride ourselves on encouraging a genuine love of learning. From a very young age, we support our children in their development of a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness, perseverance, objectivity, reflection and critical thinking. This thirst for growth and knowledge is one that stays with them throughout their school years, meaning they enter each stage of their lives best prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.
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  • Treetops Nursery

    Nursery is often a child’s first experience of the world outside their home where they meet new adults, begin to make friends and are exposed to a multitude of new play experiences. Our team of highly experienced staff instil a caring and warm environment and are expert in supporting nursery age children to ensure that their first educational experience is calm, well planned and great fun!

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  • Cumnor Boys' School

    We subscribe to those timeless values that embrace good manners, courtesy, self-respect, respect for others and a sense of duty and responsibility. We then challenge our children to move away from their comfort zone and to take risks in order to discover that the seemingly impossible can in fact be achieved.

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  • Cumnor Girls' School

    Our educational experience is about giving parents choice when their daughters leave at the end of Year 6. Each girl is treated as an individual, with different strengths, aspirations and dreams. We ensure, through outstanding teaching in a nurturing and caring environment, that children are brimming with confidence and enthusiasm.

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Our Schools’ broad and balanced curriculum develops the knowledge, skills and understanding in all subjects which enables our children to apply themselves with confidence, emphasising individual talents in a wide range of fields.


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