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Wellbeing & Support

Support for pupils in all areas of school life.

We firmly believe that students learn best when they are happy.

By underpinning our education with a framework of exceptional pastoral care, our students enjoy a nurturing and supportive environment that places their emotional wellbeing at the centre and allows them to thrive.

Independent School of the Year Awards 2022

We are proud to have been shortlisted for the 'Independent School of the Year for Student Wellbeing' award, and are in the process of working towards being a UNICEF Rights Respecting School.

Pastoral care is central to our teaching


Our staff are passionate about developing students' academic progress and emotional wellbeing. Our Wellbeing Champion leads on intiatives at staff level, keeping the wellbeing agenda at the fore.


We deliver a well-rounded programme of PSHE which takes into account the increasing pressures on young people, ensuring our students are confident, compassionate and capable of being their 'best selves'.

After-School Clubs

We encourage and challenge our children to embrace the opportunity for wider enrichment beyond the curriculum and offer a wide range of after school clubs designed to add breadth and the chance to learn new skills.

Awareness Days

We engage with dedicated awareness days through the school year that allow space for our students (and parents) to focus on positive social, emotional and physical health.

Character Education

Supporting character education in our schools.

Our character education programme is intended to stretch and grow our students by exposing them to new experiences and helping them develop existing interests. Critical to this programme is enabling students to develop new perspectives, build skills and acquire the ability to ‘bounce back’ from adversity.

Character virtues (such as endeavour, belief and courage) that underpin our ethos at Cumnor House positively galvanize our school community and help create a culture of understanding, integrity, compassion and empathy for others.

Our programme includes core activities such as residentials, school trips, public speaking and life skills with the emergency services, through to voluntary activities such as public speaking, charity fundraising and citizenship work. These sit alongside a rich programme of after-school extra-curricular clubs that range from swimming, languages, LAMDA and photography to Current Affairs, LEGO, mindfulness and story clubs.

Developing existing interests and experiencing new activities:

Always easy to speak to a teacher about any concerns and the school seems to place a lot of emphasis on wellbeing.

– Cumnor House Parent


Every student is encouraged and supported.

Cumnor House School has a well-established Learning Support Department. Children sometimes require booster sessions for difficulties relating to phonics, basic literacy or numeracy skills and handwriting which are on offer through our extra-curricular programme.

Our excellent Learning Support Department also provide nurture groups, scholarship groups as well as booster groups for those children who are in need of additional support.


Promoting a positive culture of digital wellbeing.

As part of our one-to-one device programme and our support for academic success, we prioritise the digital wellbeing of our pupils.

Among other measures, safety filtering software installed on all devices helps protect against inappropriate content during school hours. It also helps teachers understand what content their students are viewing while in the classroom, and maintain students' focus. Healthy posture, movement and sleep are central to wellbeing and are encouraged to enable expanded learning opportunities.

By providing access to a range of resources, making wellbeing checks for pupils at home, and ensuring that our online provision is flexible enough to fit with family life, we are proud to cater for all aspects of a child’s education.

Cumnor House School

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