Pupil Wellbeing: Screen dependency seminar

As part of our ongoing campaign focusing on children’s wellbeing and as part of #childrensmentalhealthweek. We were delighted to welcome the return of Dr Aric Sigman to Cumnor House. Our Year, 6, 7 & 8 boys took part in a lively discussion on the impact of screen time and screen dependency, the afternoon seminar led by Dr Sigman and attended by 80 pupils, highlighted the importance of sleep, diet and exercise and the importance in limiting certain types of screen usage and gaming. With slides featuring the changes in brain patterns over time and the fact that at the age of 80, today’s children will have spent 18 years of their life on social media devices gave the pupils the opportunity for an engaging Q&A session with Dr Sigman, the questions considered these points and more and provided a thought provoking afternoon for all in attendance.

“The boys at Cumnor House were engaged, respectful and playful exactly what a speaker wants ” Dr Aric Sigman

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