Headmistress’s Welcome

At Cumnor House School for Girls we provide an enriching and fulfilling all-round education, where talent and potential are recognised and nurtured and all successes are celebrated.

Headmistress’s Welcome

At Cumnor House School for Girls we provide an enriching and fulfilling all-round education, where talent and potential are recognised and nurtured and all successes are celebrated.

Welcome to Cumnor House Girls’ School

Cumnor House School for Girls is an ISA preparatory school in the Croydon area. We accept girls from 4 to 11 years, with main entry years at ages 4 (Reception) and 7 (Year 3).

We provide a wide-ranging education both within and outside the classroom, whilst thoroughly preparing girls for the entrance requirements of their senior schools.

The moment people walk through the doors at Cumnor House School for Girls, they feel the vibrant and joyous atmosphere.   We are a small, non selective, yet academic school of 118 girls we have a strong sense of family and community,  high expectations and recognition and development of the whole child.  Our staff and pupils are happy, open and outward looking.

We have small classes of around 18 and this allows us to know each child, we take them from where they are and through excellent teaching, specific group and individual interventions we help them to grow.  We tailor work and expectations on an individualised approach thus  allowing each girls to reach their own potential – to be their best self. This way, pupils are driven and inspired by one another. Alongside the intellectual stimulus, Cumnor House School for Girls offers an ever-growing spectrum of opportunities involving sport, music, art and drama.

The oracy skills of our pupils is outstanding, the girls are encouraged to speak confidently and to express themselves clearly, fully and in an engaging manner – skills that will be essential in their future.   I believe that this comes through the emphasis we place on questioning – both the quality of the questioning by staff and also the manner in which we encourage the children to ask questions.  We will not accept simple answers from our pupils, they must always explain themselves fully and we will encourage them to

We want our girls to be proactive and engaged learners, not passive recipients of teaching.  We ask them to reflect upon their learning, to think carefully about how they can improve and move forward.  The teachers assist this reflective approach by taking on a coaching role –  most of our feedback to students is verbal, at the point of learning thus giving it more relevance, immediacy and impact.   Our students are therefore increasingly independent and proactive learners.

Wellbeing and pastoral care is imbued into everyday life, it is fair to say that every teacher knows every girl.  Staff will sit with the girls and chat at lunchtimes and pupils have no qualms about striking up conversations with the adults in school wanting to share their thoughts and ideas. We have a culture of openness and pupils know that their voice is heard.

We offer a broad curriculum and a variety of after school activities recognising that children’s personal growth also lays outside of the classroom.  At different points of their Cumnor journey pupils will take part in ballet lessons, drama, outdoor learning, food technology, specialist teaching a wide variety of sports, day and residential trips, to name just a few things that make Cumnor so special.

We are very proud of the offers our girls receive from their first choice senior schools, not to mention the number of scholarships that this includes. As a preparatory school, we ensure that the girls are ready for their onward journey to senior school, ensuring that their journey from Reception through to Year 6 has been a happy and valuable experience that prepares them for their future.

We want to embed the life skills that these girls will need when they enter the workplace in 2035.   We believe that these are skills of oracy, creative and critical thinking and self-reflection and that they need to be learned and practised from Reception.  A prospective parent commented recently that he “could feel the joy and energy bouncing off every wall” and I think that summed us up well.

To see the school in action, please do visit on one of our Open Days. Alternatively, contact our admissions team on 020 86660 3445 to arrange a private tour.

Mrs Amanda McShane

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