Boys' Music

Read more about the music opportunities and achievements at Cumnor House School.

Music is recognised by Cumnor as being an integral part of learning the skills for life, both through curriculum classwork, individual instrumental playing and music ensembles.

We have over 20 specialised music staff and 14 ensembles rehearsing in the very busy and vibrant Music House each week.

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Whether our boys are performing under the baton of Antonio Pappano at the Royal Opera House, sharing a stage with the BBC singers or singing at the Menin Gate, the message is the same:

Enjoy, Improve, Shine

  • Take a risk by singing a solo
  • Gain confidence by joining a musical group
  • Increase self-discipline through practice
  • Explore language/structure through composition
  • Take pride in gaining accolades
  • Have fun being part of something bigger


Please use the links below to learn more about our Boys’ School music programme.