Cumnor House Boys’ School

Cumnor House Boys’ School is an IAPS preparatory boys school in the Croydon area. We accept boys from 4 to 13 years, with main entry years at Reception, Year 3, and Year 7.

Welcome to Cumnor House Private Boys’ School, Croydon. Here at Cumnor House Boys’ we’re dedicated to giving our kids the perfect platform to achieve their potential.

Our philosophy is to ensure that each pupil at Cumnor House is given the opportunity to develop not just on an educational level, but also socially. Therefore, our curriculum contains varied subjects and activities, ensuring that every child gets the most out of the time they spend at school.

By striking the perfect balance between disciplined learning practices and a friendly atmosphere we can be confident in providing the perfect environment for our children to flourish.

If you’d like to book a visit to Cumnor House Boys’ School, or to find out more then please let us know.

Headmaster’s Welcome

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make and you will want to be sure that the school will meet their present and future needs.

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Boys’ Curriculum

Read full details of what the boys’ school curriculum includes across all the different age groups.

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Boys’ Sport

Read more about the opportunities and achievements with the sports at Cumnor House School.

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Boys’ Music

Read more about the music opportunities and achievements at Cumnor House School.

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Boys’ Drama

Read more about the drama opportunities and achievements at Cumnor House School.

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Boys’ Leavers’ Destinations & Scholarships

We are all about preparing your son for his senior school. See where our boys have moved onto in recent years, often with Scholarships.

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Boys’ Extra-Curricular Activities

Read more about the range of extra-curricular activities are available at Cumnor House School for Boys.

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Boys’ School Facilities

Cumnor House School packs a whole lot of excellent facilities into its compact school site and boasts a 10-acre field, which is rare in the locality.

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Boys’ Nutrition

We at Cumnor House School are passionate about providing healthy, nutritious and interesting meals for your children.

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Boys’ School Events

There is always something going on at Cumnor House School. Check the events calendar for dates to remember.

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Boys’ News

In our busy Cumnor House Boys’ School there is always so much going on. Read some of the highlights of Boys’ school life.

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Boys’ Photo Gallery

Have a look at the amazing range of events and special moments in the Boys School in our photo and video gallery.

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Boys’ School Staff List

You will find a full list of all teaching and non-teaching staff at Cumnor House School for Boys.

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Boys’ Parent Association

Find out more about what Cumnor House Boys’ School Parents’ Association is all about and how to get involved.

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