Headmaster’s Blog – 15.03.2019

Dear Parents,

10 Years, a decade! For some of our children this is longer than they have been alive… For Cumnor House it is the number of consecutive years we have retained the trophy as the best boys swimming school in Croydon. Congratulations to our swim team, who secured yet another win at the Croydon Primary School Swimming Gala. Miss Edwards and I enjoyed watching from the spectators area with many Cumnor parents. It was great to see the boys demonstrate such endeavour, focus and an unflappable approach to the competition. After a busy few weeks of fixtures and events, to see four members of our sport staff supporting the boys showed the commitment witnessed every week by Mr Fitzgerald and the team. Thoroughly well done chaps, we are very proud.

Another highlight this week was the Reception Spring Concert, the boys sang beautifully and spoke with confidence. I love reading with the boys each week and seeing their fantastic development over such a short period of time. Thank you to the staff and parents for their ongoing support.

It has been a very busy week and on Tuesday evening I attended our fourth informal concert of the year. A super showpiece of musical talent, with a brilliant jazz band piece to end the evening. Thank you to Miss Oughton and the music department and all the parents that squeezed into the hall to show their support.

The week is not over and I look forward to representing the staff tag rugby team that are playing against the parents’. Please go easy on me, my knees aren’t what they used to be!

Have a great weekend (I shall try and recover ready for Monday.)


Daniel Cummings

020 8660 3445