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It’s ironic that the blog post I wrote at the start of this term was about uncertainty. Who could everhave imagined that the term would end with us all studying online in our own homes in the midst of a National Emergency? Life has changed in every way imaginable for every citizen of planet earth.

Of course, such a monumental disruption comes with a deluge of emotions. Wave after wave of changing feelings come crashing in cycles; disbelief, disappointment, anger, loss, anxiety, sadness. It’sso easy to be washed away with these waves and drown in the absence of those rocks that were friends, school and the routines of daily life.

No doubt the storm will pass and we can sit and wait for it to be over, leaving us lying on the ground, bruised and battered. Or we can choose to match the storm with an inner determination that leaves us and those around us stronger and better as individuals and communities.

It all starts with belief. Just knowing within yourself that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Knowing that you can survive and thrive through whatever comes your way. Knowing that you have everything inside you that you need.

That is scary. We are so used to going to places and doing things and being busy that we have forgotten how to sit with ourselves and look inside. We have forgotten how to be honest with what we are thinking and feeling. It is only when we identify those things that we can work on how we behave. And it takes real courage to do that. It takes real courage to say that we are feeling disappointed at opportunities lost because we cannot go to school. It takes courage to acknowledge that we are frightened because we do not fully understand what is going on. It takes courage to say that we are feeling sad because we miss our friends. I feel all of those things and so much more.

To be honest, it’s really uncomfortable to have all these feelings swirling around inside; they have away of taking over. So, we just need to sit with them long enough to acknowledge they exist and thenwork out how to get rid of them. That’s when we roll up our sleeves and endeavour to make thingsbetter. That’s when we create new opportunities. That’s when we use technology to stay connected when we can’t do it ourselves. That’s when we look for joy and happiness in places and people that we may have previously overlooked.

And when we do these things with compassion and integrity, with a view to being kind and honest to ourselves and to other people, then a wonderful thing happens. The storm may still be out there, but it is not inside us. It does not have the power to sink us or destroy us. That is when we have all won as individuals, as families, as communities.

To all my Cumnor family, I hope you stay safe and well in every way. It is our Cumnor values that will help us through until we come together again. I leave you with a simple poem that I wrote:


There’s nowhere to goNo appointments to keep No clocks to watch
No alarms to set.

Time has loosened its vice-like grip Schedules have dissolved
Lines have blurred
Life is more fluid.

Our world has shrunk
Devoid of all touch
The whirring of life has stopped And the focus has shifted inwards.

To that sad neglected space Passed over
For pleasures external

So the inside can now blossom
As the grey clouds of urgency part And allow Time through
To warm our hearts

To rediscover
The joys of nature
The connection of souls The things that matter.


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