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On 26th January 2020, it was widely reported that one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Kobe Bryant, had tragically died in a helicopter crash. The world was shocked at the passing of a legend at the age of 41. But what shook me most about that news report, though, was the death of his 13 year old daughter, Gianna. It then emerged that another two young people had been on board that helicopter and had also lost their lives – 17 year old Alyssa Altobelli and 13 year old Payton Chester.

The media will not report their loss like that of the late and great Mr Bryant. The world may not even know their names. They didn’t have enough years on earth to fully make their mark.

At our age, we all assume that we have a future and we spend so much time working towards it; the forthcoming exams, the future schools, the stellar careers. And they are all worthy and wonderful things to work towards. But sometimes, we need to spend to some time doing something for the here and now. What would people say about us and what we had achieved up till now? How many lives have we touched? How many people have we made smile? Do we even think about our lives? What are the events that have shaped us?

This is dedicated to all those children that didn’t make it to adulthood. May you all Rest in Peace.

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