Headmaster’s Message on Anti-Bullying Week

It is has always been a mission of mine to try and foster a culture of respect in all the schools I have worked in, showing respect to every individual child, staff member and parent equally. As in the real world, I do not believe any school will completely eliminate the lack of thoughtfulness that occurs when an individual allows emotion or personal negativity to override decency and respect. However, I do believe we as a school and community have the ability to set a mantra for change and respect, one that we can follow and model from our youngest members to our oldest, including peers and teachers.

Anti-bullying week is but five days in a school year, it is not however the only five days work that we are committed to a zero tolerance of bullying. A school that is committed to eliminating bullying or at least ensuring an environment where bullying is quickly addressed and cannot take root or develop, models positive behaviour and respect for all every day. Anti-bullying week provides a platform, a ‘soap box’ to support those that feel powerless and those that use bullying to fuel their own insecurities or negative feelings.

Bullying is a social issue that has been witnessed and unfortunately experienced for many generations over 1000’s of years, from our earliest stories like the tale of David and Goliath, we see that humanity abhors bullying, yet we still find it a problem in current society. Maybe we may never solve the failing in humans that allow us to prey on the weak or show such selfishness to others for personal gain, but what I have learnt is that bullying is a choice. Not necessarily the choice of the bully but a choice of the masses, the crowd. A choice that allows the majority to say no and stand up against a bully. As a school it is our role to provide the environment and the education that makes this a far easier choice for our children not to accept or choose bullying.

I do hope you continue the conversation about how to stand up to bullying at home and always remember our children learn from what they see and experience. As one great person once said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. #chooserespect

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