We welcome scholarship applications from children especially gifted, either academically or in sports or music.

Academic – Sport – Music – Art & Drama Scholarship opportunities.

Private School Scholarships

Cumnor House School is committed to offering the very best education to all students with a wide range of abilities and we encourage all pupils to reach their full potential in all areas.  A limited number of scholarships are awarded to pupils (not younger than Year 3/4) who demonstrate exceptional academic ability or outstanding achievement, talent and/or potential in sport or music.

To be considered for a sports scholarship we would expect your child to be playing at District or County level in their chosen sport, and for a music scholarship, a number of graded exams should have been passed to Distinction level in their chosen instrument.

Scholars are expected to participate fully in all activities that relate to their Scholarship award, demonstrating an all-round commitment and leadership in their field of excellence.

Usually, scholarships range from 5% to a maximum of 20% off the annual school fees.  Parents wishing their child to be considered should advise the Admissions Registrar prior to their taster day.


We offer a very limited number of bursaries in order to make an independent education accessible to children who we believe can make a positive contribution to the school.  Usually they are awarded in a situation where payment of school fees unexpectedly becomes difficult due to a change in circumstance.  A full financial disclosure form is required prior to consideration.  A bursary is awarded at the discretion of the Headteacher and the level is set on an individual basis as a contribution towards the cost of the school fees. Bursaries are applicable for one academic year and must be re-applied for annually.