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Independent School Scholarships & Offers


Support for the 'right' school.

Every year our students are awarded places at a wide range of independent senior schools. We have close links with many senior schools, and long-standing experience in supporting scholarship applications and the Common Entrance Exam.

We work closely with each child to help them identify the school that is right for them, best matching their interests and abilities. Full preparation for both the 11+ (Girls and Boys Schools) and the 13+ (Boys School) is undertaken to ensure students are familiar with content and comfortable in taking these exams when the time comes.


With the Cumnor House philosophy of educating and developing the whole child, our leavers are all bright, confident, articulate, talented individuals, who will all be real assets to their chosen senior school.

We are immensely proud of our leavers’ achievements.

Cumnor Girls School 2021-2022.

60 Offers and 50 Scholarships, Prizes and Headteacher Awards.

- 5 girls gained places to local selective Grammar Schools
- Awarded top 2 scholarships at Old Palace
- Awarded 5 Academic Scholarships for a total of 20 awarded from Caterham

“ I just wanted to write to say what an absolute pleasure it has been interviewing the Cumnor students this year. They have been so confident, down to earth and positive! ”

- Jane Burton, Headteacher of Old Palace of John Whitgift School.

Schools offered to Cumnor Girls this year include:
“ I am so proud of our Year Six girls. They have represented themselves, and the school, well during the whole 11+ process. They have emerged with a superb set of results both in terms of offers of places, scholarships and awards. ”

– Mrs Amanda McShane, Headmistress, Cumnor Girls.

Cumnor Boys School 2021-2022.

110 Offers and 47 Scholarships (these include Academic, Sports, Music and Heads' Awards).

- 9 places awarded to local Selective Grammar Schools
- Awarded Peter Beckwith Scholarship, Harrow
- Awarded Tonbridge Foundation Scholarship
- Awarded Headmaster’s Award, 11+ and 13+, Whitgift

“ Cumnor House Boys have, for over 40 years, been a significant feeder school to Whitgift providing some of the area’s very best and most talented boys to us. ”

- Simon Beck, Registrar, Whitgift School.

Schools offered to Cumnor Boys this year include:
“ We are delighted by the boys’ results this year, their focus and dedication over the time at Cumnor House has led to outstanding offers and scholarships from leading senior schools in the South East at both 11+ and 13+. ”

– Miss Emma Edwards, Head of School, Cumnor Boys.

Cumnor House School

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