Extra Curricular Activities

The activities outside of the academic timetable that both boys and girls can take part in really stands Cumnor House apart from other schools.

It is widely acknowledged in education that it is more than academic achievements and excellent grades that makes a well-rounded individual who will thrive throughout their educative years and onward throughout their career.  At both Cumnor House schools, we expose all our children to the widest range possible of extra-curricular activities in order to nurture their sometimes hidden talents and bring out numerous positive characteristics which contribute to their overall success at Cumnor House School.

Cumnor House is renowned for its sporting, music and drama opportunities and the successes it brings in terms of individual and team accolades.  Both at the boys’ and girls’ schools, the impressive list of accomplishments across sporting tournaments, musical competitions, chess competitions and many more just keeps growing.

Find out more about some of our famous sporting alumni.