Head of Nursery's Welcome

Cumnor House Nursery comprises two fantastic settings where parents can choose 51-week or term time provision and benefit from being part of the Cumnor House School family.

Welcome to our Nursery Schools

Boys and Girls can join Cumnor House Nursery from the age of 2+ at either our Purley or South Croydon sites.

Cumnor House Nursery has two settings, our first in Pampisford Road, South Croydon and the second in the gated community on Woodcote Lane, Purley. Our fantastic nursery settings collectively offer term time and 51-week a year provision.

Life at Nursery

Nursery is often a child’s first experience of the world outside their home where they meet new adults, begin to make friends and are exposed to a multitude of new play experiences.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified staff are experts in supporting nursery aged children. Together with you, we ensure that a child’s first educational experience is calm, well planned and great fun!

We offer a caring and warm environment that supports young learners. Our nursery curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage, and we introduce learning and challenge through play to ensure that all children thrive. Each child is given one to one teaching and is treated as an individual in order to make excellent progress with their all round development.

Our Settings

Cumnor House Nursery, Purley is open for term time only. Cumnor House Nursery, South Croydon is open for 51 weeks of the year from 8.00am – 6.00pm. You may select between two and five days per week on either level of provision.

Meet Us

Our nursery team are available for daily tours of either setting, so you can see our wonderful nurseries in action. To arrange a private tour, please do contact our admissions team.

We look forward to welcoming you
Mrs Carole Finch – Head of Nursery


South Croydon