New building at Treetops South Croydon

The nursery building at Treetops South Croydon, known as the Pavilion, will be razed to the ground during the summer holidays of 2017.

When all the children come back in September 2017, there will be a brand new Pavilion building for the children aged 3-4 years to enjoy.  The other building at Treetops for 2-3 year olds will also benefit from an internal refit at the same time.

All children who are on year-round provision this year will be accommodated at the Purley Treetops site for the period of the redevelopment, and will move into their shiny new premises at South Croydon in September.

When you’re calling at either of the nursery sites, stop and have a look at the plans for the re-build.  It’s promised to be something rather state-of-the-art!