Miss Edwards, Head, Weekly Message – 7th May 2021

Dear Parents

It has been such a busy week and we seem to have squeezed five days of school into four days.

I was astounded to see many of the DT projects from Year 7 this week and was particularly impressed with Humzah in 7O for his outstanding work. His design has space for his phone with sound paths to amplify the sound, space for an Amazon Alexa and glowing changing colours at the front. I understand from Mr Turner that Humza has spent a lot of time on this project both in lessons and in DT Club this term and in the Autumn. Well done, Humzah.

Humza 3.jpg
Humza 1.jpg

The return of our after school clubs and activities are proving popular this term. In Art Club Reyansh (3B), Arnav (3G), Arav (3B) and Stephanos (4F) thoroughly enjoyed creating their own masterpieces by “Taking a line for a walk”, the art of Paul Klee. These are beautiful pieces.

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