Girls School Newsletters – Friday 23rd April 2021

Welcome back!

I actually cannot put into words the joy I felt when welcoming the girls back on Tuesday. I
witnessed such happy enthusiasm as they bounded through the door. (I rather liked seeing all
the parents too.)

A new term usually brings new faces and so please join with me to welcome Mrs Hood who has
now officially taken over the Year 4 class and computing. We also welcome Mrs Sidar to our
team, she will be working alongside Mrs Eves in Afterschool Care whilst Mrs Richardson is still
recovering from her accident.

Welcome also to our new girls – Maryam, Mariam, Hazel and Sara.

We hope these new members to our Cumnor family will be very happy.

Form Captains play an important part in school life, helping the form teacher, running errands
and ensuring that the register is collected and returned to the office. Learning these small
responsibilities is the start for pupils to see the bigger picture and take responsibilities not just
for themselves but also for others. Form captains are peer elected each term and so
congratulations are due to:

Year 1 – Zareena

Year 2 – Daisy

Year 3 – Anoushka

Year 4 – Eliza

Year 5 – Isabella N

Year 6 – Leiya

Achievements over the holidays

Ashanya – Congratulations of achieving Grade 4 Piano and passing with Merit.

Sara had her first session back at rugby at Old Whits and she received the ‘Player of the day”
trophy. Her sporting endeavours did not stop there as she also achieved the “Most Improved
Swimmer” award from Swim2Win.

Mrs Richardson – as you are aware Mrs Richardson was involved in a serious accident at the
end of September, this left her with some severe injuries. She was in hospital until March when
she was allowed home. She is still a long way from being back to fully fit but she has a fabulously
positive attitude towards her recovery. The letters, poems and cards that the girls have done for
her have lifted her spirits along the way and is most grateful for these positive messages.

Senior schools – looking forward. I believe that a preparatory education is best as it enables
parents and children to take a very careful and informed view about correct senior schools,
based upon academic ability, personality and other areas of strength.  As a school, we cannot
afford to “sit back on our laurels”, we need to ensure that all girls are meeting their potential in
order to get them in to the correct school for them.  Once girls are at their chosen school, they
tend to do better as they have been part of the process, often aspiring and working hard to get
to that school, this good attitude and work ethic continues as they move through the school.

The wheels of preparation for Senior Schools continue to turn and now that the world is
returning to some semblance of order, I feel confident that we can hold our usual meeting, in
person, for Year 3 and 4 parents about what this process entails. At first sight, for the first-time
parent this can seem a daunting process so this meeting aims to reassure you that it isn’t. I will
talk to you about current expectations of senior schools and what we do as a school to prepare
your daughter – and you. We have provisionally put the date of Tuesday 22nd June at 17.30 in
the diary to invite parents of girls in Years 3 and 4 into school for this presentation. Please note
that this will still be subject to any change / restrictions put upon us by governmental

We are looking forward to a fabulous term filled with learning, new experiences joy and laughter

Mrs McShane’s Blog

Over the holidays I had a little achievement too, I started putting together my Blog. As you know
my McShane Musings have filled quite a few pages of newsletters over the past couple of years
and I felt it was time to draw these things together, to keep them in one place to revisit and
rethink. Some of the posts are iterations of assemblies, methodologies that occur in school or
simply things to consider. I have kept with my “Brand” of Headshipjourney which I use for
Twitter and for Instagram. You can find my blog at:

I would be absolutely delighted if you were to follow it, comment and share more widely with
friends and family. No Cumnor children are pictured or mentioned specifically.

Reflections on life, teaching and learning. Thinking about what works to help children to live and
learn more effectively and happily.

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