Message from the Headmaster

Hear from our Headmaster on what we're doing to support your child during this unprecedented time

Message from the Headmaster

Hear from our Headmaster on what we're doing to support your child during this unprecedented time

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome back to school! It is a challenging time for children, parents and teachers, but we are confident that online learning this term will build on the educational offering at Cumnor House. We are not trying to replicate the classroom experience as this would not be possible, nor are we providing “holding” activities for your children.   We want them to learn and we want to fulfil our aim,

‘For our children to aspire to be the best they can be. To help every child build on their strengths, to believe in themselves, to be distinctive and to challenge themselves with high expectations. To empower children to be leaders and provide an educational standard that ensures children are well prepared for their future.’

We have reflected on our experiences prior to the Easter break and have designed an evolving programme that will combine synchronous (live) and asynchronous (offline) learning, using a mix of formats, from smaller groups to full-class sessions.

We will ensure there are regular wellbeing check-ins with your child and that the sense of school community is maintained.

Please bear in mind that this is still new territory for our teaching staff too. We will get better as the term goes on and build on our professional reflections and experience week by week.

We know that nothing can replace actually being in school, and being taught and cared for by our teachers, teaching assistants, and wider school staff, but we hope that, through our Online Teaching and Learning Programme, our children will continue to love learning and be challenged during this most unusual of times.

These unprecedented times may be extremely unsettling for our children, so as well as prioritising their physical health as we remain at home, we also need to be looking after their mental health and wellbeing, keeping a sense of normality and daily routine, whilst providing opportunities for them to flourish.

The coming weeks will undoubtedly contain many new challenges, but we are sure that, by working together as a school community, our children will have structure, as well as the time to be creative and pursue more open-ended activities, maintaining a happy balance between academic work and the continued importance of play and leisure activities.

We aim to minimise the impact on the children who rely on us for their wellbeing and progression by working together.  So, although our school is closed, our education and care continue.

This is not a situation that any of us could have anticipated, but by keeping communication open, and keeping the focus on what is best for our children, we hope we can look back at the end of the year and feel we faced the challenge together, in line with our core Cumnor values:

Courage: the ability to try and believe in yourself

Compassion: empathy, listen, share, helpful, kind, truthful, forgive, relating to the wider world

Belief: No limitations, dare to be different

Endeavour: unafraid, breaking boundaries, hard work, try

Integrity: be honest, do the right thing, make the correct choices, be trustful

Wishing you, and all those you love, remain well and safe in the coming weeks – we look forward to welcoming everyone back into our school soon.

Mrs Amanda McShane

020 8660 3445