Girls' Curriculum

Read full details of what the girls’ school curriculum includes across all the different age groups.

Girls' Curriculum

Read full details of what the girls’ school curriculum includes across all the different age groups.

We provide a wide-ranging education both within and outside the classroom, whilst thoroughly preparing girls for the entrance requirements of their senior schools.  Our girls leave with a confidence, an enthusiasm for participation and an appetite for learning and achievement that are the hallmarks of a good preparatory school, giving them the best possible foundation for the future.  Many girls exceed national benchmarks and are encouraged to deepen their learning through extension and mastery tasks.

The essential philosophy that underpins the curriculum throughout the School is to provide breadth, depth and rigour within an environment that sees traditional methodology combining with recent proven educational practice. In doing so the requirements of the National Curriculum are acknowledged, but we aim to exceed them. Class sizes are kept as small as practicable, so differentiation is always possible. Average class sizes are about 15 to 18 girls.

The subjects studied are: English, Mathematics, Science, French, History, Geography, RE, Food Technology, Music, Art, ICT, PE, Games and PSHE/Citizenship. Great emphasis is placed on the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, particularly in the early years, where the standards reached are excellent.

Homework is regarded as an essential component of the learning process from the earliest stages, as it helps to develop good study habits and also involves parents in supporting the work of their daughters.

Regular assessment, recording and reporting help to ensure that individual progress is closely monitored. Standardised testing in Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Numeracy, Reading and Spelling takes place annually in most year groups.  There are digital progress tests in Maths, Science and English. Together with annual academic examinations and day-to-day assessments, these provide useful performance indicators to determine a possible future school path.

Parents’ Evenings take place twice a year, but teachers are always available by appointment outside these “formal” occasions. Parents are invited to share their daughters work in monthly parent pop in sessions.  Effort grades are provided twice a year while a full written report is provided at the end of each academic year.



Your daughter can begin at Cumnor House in the September following her 4th birthday.

Our Pre-Prep department is all about providing a stable, happy and productive start to school days. Each girl is encouraged to develop the habit of achieving to the best of their abilities and enjoying enquiry and acquiring knowledge.

Teachers focus on the core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics, but also encourage wider learning about the world and the development of individual creative talents. There are differentiated groups for English Literacy and Language to ensure girls are targeted to reach their full potential.  There are Specialist teachers for French, Music, Games, Ballet and Swimming.  We use Harvest, Christmas and Easter as opportunities to participate in services and concerts.  There are regular visits to the theatre, museums and other places of educational interest.








The Prep School introduces your daughter to a wider programme of learning and provides her with opportunities to discover where her own natural talents and abilities lie.  Girls enter the Prep School aged seven, either from Pre-Prep or from their Junior School.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum of Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, French, Spanish, RE, ICT, Food Technology, Music, Art and Design, PE, Swimming and Games.

Through our Year 3 Music Scheme we encourage pupils to take up an instrument and sing in a choir. We also view sport as integral to a good education, and teams of all ages and many levels take part in inter-school fixtures in netball, rounders, cross country, swimming and athletics.

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