Full House 25.09.20

Welcome to the latest edition of Full House, a weekly e-newsletter that provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all Cumnor House parents, featuring all of the information you will need for the week ahead across our schools and nurseries. We also invite you to follow our Facebook, TwitterYouTube and Instagram pages for news and photos of the broad variety of activities and events that take place on any given week at Cumnor House.
A Letter from the Executive Headmaster

The Executive Headmaster, Mr Seaton, is pleased to update you on the results of our recent Staff Conference, at which staff from our four sites collaborated on a new teaching and learning model that is designed to accelerate our pupils’ academic progress into leading destination senior schools.
Please click here to view Mr Seaton’s letter.

Be Well Day Comes to Cumnor


Individual and Form Class Photos

We are delighted to confirm that our school photographers, Kittle, will be taking individual and form class photos of our pupils later this term.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are unfortunately unable to facilitate sibling photographs across our school sites at this point, but will continue to monitor the national situation closely with a view to this happening later this academic year.

The photography dates for this term are as follows:

Boys’ School – Years 1-8: Thursday 1st October
Girls’ School: Monday 5th October
South Croydon Nursery: Monday 12th October
Purley Nursery: Thursday 5th November
Boys’ School – Reception: Thursday 5th November

As ever, we do want to ensure that our pupils are looking their very best in their uniform for these photography sessions – and we know that you will agree! We would thus appreciate your support with this.

Should you have queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Executive, Lauren Livingstone, at lauren.livingstone@cumnorhouse.com.


Celebrating Achievements at Home: A Request

Examples might include a great sporting feat at a regional club, a successful performance for a local theatre group or an act of charitable fundraising undertaken by your child.

Should you wish to share your child’s successes in this way, please email Lauren Livingstone at lauren.livingstone@cumnorhouse.com, providing a brief description of your child’s achievement and, if possible, a supporting image.

We look forward to sharing abundant success stories with our school community over the year ahead!

What’s On in Nursery

It has been another busy week for our Nursery classes at Cumnor House. Our latest weekly update from the Head of Early Years, Mrs Upfold, can be viewed here.

A Letter from the Head of Early Years

Please click here for an update from our Head of Early Years, Mrs Upfold, on the week ahead for our Reception children.

Saturday Football Sessions for Years 1-2



Future Schools: Important Guidance for Years 6 & 8 Parents

Many of you will now be making your final deliberations over the senior school that you would like your son to attend. It is thus very important that your child is fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead of him.

With this in mind, please find below two important letters from the Head of Upper School, Mr Jones, for parents of boys in Years 6 and 8 respectively:

Year 6
Year 8

Should you have any relevant queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Jones at cameron.jones@cumnorhouse.com.

Please note that guidance from our Heads of Department on the full range of scholarships available for our boys will be shared in the next edition of Full House.

Atom Learning Platform for Years 5-7


Return of the Swim Squad 


A Letter from the Headmistress 

Please click here to read a letter from the Girls’ School Headmistress, Mrs McShane, in which she reflects upon the importance of developing strength and resilience in our children.


Future Schools: Importance Guidance for Year 6 Parents

Many of you will now be making your final deliberations over the senior school that you would like your daughter to attend. Mrs McShane is thus pleased to invite you for a meeting with her to discuss your final choices and provide further guidance on scholarships and other matters.

To book your appointment with Mrs McShane, please contact her PA, Mrs Quartly, to arrange an appointment over the next fortnight, at sam.quartly@cumnorhouse.com.

In the interim, details of the range of scholarships available for your daughters can be viewed here.

An Update: Senior School Admissions Process

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, many of the senior schools to which we traditionally feed have amended their admissions procedures. A selection of our more popular schools’ current approaches to virtual tours and examination procedures can be viewed here.

Whilst some schools are still in the process of seeking the best way to fairly assess applicants, please be reassured that we will keep you fully informed should you wish to apply.  Should you have any school-specific questions, we would encourage you to contact the relevant admissions departments directly.

Borrow a Bunny… or Two!
Music at Cumnor School for Girls and Peripatetic Music lessons We are excited to share the music offer and how music ensembles will operate during this term. Please click here to view a communication from the Head of Music, Mrs Parsons.

An instrument lesson request form may also be accessed here.

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