Welcome to Upper School

Prep School by the nature of the word not only means preparing the boys for school but also the next stage of their lives.

Our aim is to prepare boys for the next stages of their development by providing a broad range of learning opportunities. At Cumnor, our boys are expected to play a role in the day to day aspects of Cumnor life; their contribution to the wellbeing of the younger boys is much appreciated and the value all boys derive from this interaction between the year groups is all part of the benefit of being part of the Upper School.

Our boys are able to take full advantage of the wealth of extra-curricular opportunities available from sport, music and drama. We are committed to ensuring that our Upper School pupils look beyond their examined syllabuses and we have encouraged this in the introduction of the 13+ award, which aims to inspire the boys beyond the classroom.

Our Upper School curriculum concentrates on two graduate points, 11+ and 13+. 11+ exit at end of Year 6 leads our pupils to receive offers and scholarships from a range of grammar and local independent schools including Whitgift, Dulwich and Trinity. 13+ is often used as a pathway for leading London schools or for boys who join us in Year 5 from other preparatory or primary schools, with scholarships and offers from St Pauls, Charter House, Epsom and Harrow

Our academic achievements speak for themselves with over 100 scholarships in the past three years from prestigious schools in the south east.

Our 13+ Award programme which starts in Year 7 is designed to encourage boys to enhance their broader portfolio in readiness for senior school.
With the focus being on academic achievement as well as development in sport, artistic performance and creativity. Leadership and commitment are
key aspects of this award.

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