Welcome to Reception at Cumnor Boys

Cumnor House School is a a truly inclusive school, we provide an all round education for boys, developing the potential of every pupil, with compassion, courage and self belief. At Cumnor House, we encourage the children to develop a love of learning and for them to endeavour to be curious and excited about the world around them.

We offer our pupils the opportunity to access a strong, academic curriculum balanced to equip the boys to build confidence and life skills to carry forward. Importantly, our pupils are encouraged to be their best selves and continue to develop their social and emotional skills. We believe that pastoral care and academic success are inextricably linked. Which is why we create such a engaging learning environment. One that stretches and supports every child in equal measure. So when they do find themselves way out in front, they have the confidence and resilience to stay there.

With forward thinking, close communication with each family and innovative teaching teams, the Cumnor Way is designed to encourage pupils to become reflective learners, accomplished and confident communicators who make the most of their time at Cumnor House .

Our Boys’ Reception setting is located on the same premises as Cumnor House Kindergarten & Pre-School, Purley.  Our boys benefit from small class sizes with the added benefit of specialist teachers in Music, Spanish and PE. As part of our curriculum the children have weekly swimming and Forest school lessons. This wonderful Early Years setting provides the boys with a nurturing focused learning environment giving them the best possible start to their formal education before they move across to the main school for Year One.

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