Welcome to Lower School

Our philosophy is simple; if your child is happy, supported and cared for in their educational lives, they will want to work hard and to get involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and contribute to school life. Our outstanding pastoral care ensures that we focus on the individual needs of every child, encouraging them and inspiring them to succeed. Achieved across a variety of learning experiences whether in the classroom, on the field, performing in music or drama productions, leading the way in a wide range of clubs and programmes on offer.

At Cumnor House, we offer our pupils the opportunity to access a strong, academic curriculum which is balanced to equip the boys to build confidence and life skills for their future. Importantly, our pupils are encouraged to be their best selves.

What is Lower School?

The Lower School day is a full but rewarding one. School starts with ‘meet and greet’ on arrival and is closely followed by assembly. From then until home time children are fully engaged in a whole range of lessons and activities,with the day broken up by breaks for lunch and for morning and afternoon playtimes.

How does Lower School work?

Starting in Year 3 brings a new structure to our pupils school day. The focus shifts to stand alone classes with targeted learning for each age group – ensuring that the boys build a solid foundation for learning as they start preparing for their senior destinations. To facilitate forming and embedding each child’s learning, in Year 3 pupils are taught by their form tutor for Mathematics and English but will also be have specialists for Science, Art and Humanities as well as the subject specialists they have enjoyed in Pre-Prep for PE, Games, Music, French and Swimming.

Sport is a big part of life at Cumnor House, we are lucky enough to have an on site swimming pool with scheduled weekly lessons as well as 10 acres of
football, rugby and cricket pitches as well as cricket nets and tennis courts. Our sports department are all experts in their sporting field, whose passion, leadership and energy motivates the children to believe in themselves, to be resilient and to celebrate achievements.

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