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For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Pastoral Care

Just like our teaching and learning, our commitment to pastoral care is as strong as ever at this difficult time

Pastoral Care

Just like our teaching and learning, our commitment to pastoral care is as strong as ever at this difficult time

We will continue to make sure that the health and well-being of our pupils remains a priority with the following aspects in place.

Headmaster Virtual Handshake

Every morning between 8am and 8.30am the Headmaster will be online to meet children via video conferencing. The children will wait in the virtual lobby and will be invited in small groups to meet and say hello for a short time before being asked to move on and start planning their day. The Headmaster will make a note of boys achievements they might like to share or any worries they might have that will be followed up that day.

Pupil Wellbeing

Cumnor House School is very much a community that extends beyond the walls of the classroom, and we are proud of the strong partnership we have with our families. Our aim is to ensure we keep those connections in place. Good mental health is of paramount importance during this period of isolation and all pupils should be able to discuss their feelings and any anxiety they may have. To this effect we also encourage close contact between the parents and the form tutor should there be any concern.

Routine is key to increasing productivity and reducing stress. Please use the guidance provided by Cognita, Cognita Be-Well, and the British Psychological Society. These new and unexplored territories does mean that we are all learning how to manage a very new situation and we ask that the whole Cumnor House Community remain patient and compassionate to others following the Cumnor Way Values.

Form time/Registration

It is vital that all children register at 8.30am with their form tutor every morning. When a child does not register, parents will be contacted by the class teacher or a member of SLT. This incredibly important as it allows the school to maintain contact with children and ensure that they are healthy, safe and well.

Form groups will remain the primary pastoral structure for each individual pupil. We see the importance in allowing for a richer, more personal and supportive interaction within the form group through live conferencing. The Form Tutor will continue to take responsibility for the welfare of the boys in his or her care and are there to offer pastoral and academic support and advice. Any developing concerns regarding the wellbeing of their tutees will be communicated rapidly and efficiently to the Head of Section and parents.

Form Tutors and Class Teachers remain the main link between the school and parents and should be the first point of contact via email if there are any questions or concerns. Form groups will meet live during Form Time, to register and touch base for the day ahead. In addition, there will be a form period immediately after lunch to touch base before the afternoon sessions begin.

Every pupil will be given the opportunity to raise any academic or pastoral concerns with their form tutor which will be followed up accordingly.

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