All the information you need to start the new school year

All the information you need to start the new school year

A. First day of School:
Following the Summer Holidays, the first day of the Autumn Term will be Friday 4 September 2020. 

B. School times: 

  • The school day commences at 8:15. 
  • Reception pupils finish at 15:00. 
  • Pre-Preparatory pupils (Year 1 and 2) finish at 15:15. 
  • Preparatory pupils (Year 3 to Year 8) finish at 16:00. 

C. Term dates:
For details on term dates, term breaks and half term breaks, please click here. 

D. Reception class
For all pupils starting in Reception in September 2020, please ensure that the following forms are completed and returned to by 1 August 2020: 

Pupil Health Record Form
All about Me Form
I Can….

For any questions please speak with

E. Uniform:
To make sure your son is kitted out for the year ahead, please take a look at our Uniform ListInformation on uniform for both boys & girls at the Nursery, including a full uniform list and how to order can be found here: Nursery Uniform List. To purchase school uniforms, please click here: 

Our Parents Association organise ‘good-as-new’ second-hand uniform sales now and again. Please do look out for information and dates via ParentMail. 

F. Bus service:
A bus service is available for pupils in Year 1 and above. For information on routes, times, prices and how to register please contact Please note: current passengers are also required to complete and return the form as they will not be automatically allocated. 

G. Transition bag:
If your son is moving from Year 2 to Year 3, the Parents’ Association will once again be providing the opportunity for you to buy a ‘Transition Bag’. This contains the essential items of stationary & books, removing the hassle of assembling the items yourselves. Further information on what is included, cost and how to order can be found by emailing the Chair of the Parents Association, Ms Natalie Grant ( 

H. Stationery:
All pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 should be provided with a named pencil case containing the following named items: 

–    two fountain or roller-ball pens
–    ink cartridges
–    three HB pencils
–    a rubber
–     a pencil sharpener
–    a 30 cm plastic ruler
–    a pritt-stick
–    one pair of children’s scissors
–    colouring pencils
–   a highlighter
–   a small pocket school dictionary. 

I. Cumnor House rucksack:
All pupils from Year 3 upwards require a rucksack.

J. Communication between home and school:
Please make sure you are aware of our Communication Charter 2020 which outlines guidelines for how open and constructive communication can be maintained between parents and the school.  

K. Parent Class Contact Group:
If you would like to be included in the optional Contact Group for parents in your child’s class please email your class representative. The class representatives will be finalised after the start of term. 

L. Online accounts:
Login details for online accounts, including Mathletics & Abacus, will be printed in your son’s homework diary after the start of term. 

M. ICT Guidelines:
Please make sure your child is aware of the Guidelines for Pupil Use of Computers, the Internet and E-mail Facilities, which can be found here: GUIDELINES FOR PUPIL USE OF COMPUTERS. 

N. Fee payments:
If you have not already completed a Direct Debit form for paying fees, this can be accessed here and ensures payments can be made easier and smoother: Direct Debit Form. This form, if not already completed, can be sent via email to: or alternatively can be addressed to Fees Admin and left at the front reception desk of the Boys’ School.

O. Medical form:
In case you have not already filled out a Medical Record Card for your son, please access it below:
Pupil Health Record Form 2020

P. Sports:
Up-to-date information about sports fixtures can be found on the sports website at The password to access the team sheets from September 2019 it will be: Cumnor2019. Further information about how to use the sports website can be found at the following link: Sports at Cumnor House. 

Q. Extra-Curricular activities: After-School Activities & how to register
Details of the clubs that will be available to Pre-Prep’ and Prep’ pupils will be sent to families, via Parentmail, on the first week of Term (i.e. September). This email will contain a list of clubs and how you can sign up. 

R. After School Care:
For busy working parents, we offer After School Care, which is available until 18:00, daily at our Purley Nursery (13 Woodcote Lane) and the Main Boys School (168 Pampisford Road). 

  • Purley Nursery After School Care:
    Information on After School Care & how to register please follow this link: Purley After School Care Information.  
  • Main Boys School After School Care:
    Information on After School Care & how to register please follow this link: After School Care Information. For the booking form for After School Care please click here: ASC Booking Form. 

S. Breakfast Club:
Please kindly be informed that a 7.30am breakfast club is available at the following sites: 

  • Boys Main School – £3.95
  • South Croydon Nursery site – £4.50

Please contact us to express an interest. 

T. Early Years Funding (applicable for children in Nursery and Reception)
The 15 hours Universal Early Years Funding is available to all children from the term after their third birthday up until the term in which they turn 5 years old, from the local authority. (Please note that we do not accept the 2 year old funding nor the extended 30 hours funding.) 

We offer the funding to Cumnor House Nursery pupils in 3 hour-funded sessions per day with the maximum claim of 15 hours per week.  

In order to receive the funding from the local authority, you must have completed and returned the Funding Form along with the supporting documentation (proof of your address and a copy of your child’s birth certificate). Failure to do so will result in the funding not being applied to your invoice. We must remind you that it is your responsibility to ensure that all documents are returned as we are unable to contact parents to request further documents that may be required to claim the funding. Furthermore, if documents have been returned after the claim submission date, we will be unable to backdate any funding that you may have been entitled to.  

Please note that a new funding form, along with the supporting documentation, is required to be completed for each academic year. It is not an automatic entitlement. 

U. Childcare vouchers:
Childcare vouchers can be used towards Nursery fees or for wrap-around-care (breakfast club and after school care) for those children in formal education. (Formal education refers to Reception upwards.) 

V. Cumnor 13+ Award
The Cumnor 13+ Award has been developed as an exciting and creative extra-curricular activity at promoting leadership skills, greater independence and recognising all-round ability. For more information on assessment, grading criteria and what your son will gain from working towards achieving the Cumnor 13+ Award please access the information handbook here: The Cumnor 13+ Award.

W. Private Instrumental lessons:
Instrumental lessons are available for your son and information on how to apply and costs can be found here: Cumnor House Instrumental Lessons Application Form. 

X. Residential trips (Year 3, Year 4 and Year 7):
Pupils in Year 3, 4 and 7 will be attending a residential trip in the second week of September. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to get to know each other in their year, form friendship bonds and gain greater independence. 

At Cognita we look after your personal information and only use your personal information for the purpose for which it has been collected. If you would like further information about how and why we use your personal information, please see our privacy notices; these are available here: 

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