The importance of varied learning at nursery school

Cumnor House Nursery

Nursery is your child’s first experience of education and you want to ensure that the experience is a positive, nurturing and happy one. At Cumnor House Nursery we employ the nationally used Early Years Foundation stage in order to make assessments about each of our pupil’s learning and development. However, we are also advocates of using varied learning techniques to provide each child with an educational experience which is calm, well planned and great fun! 

Learning through play is not a new concept and many nurseries and Primary schools have adopted this technique, however at Cumnor House Nursery we have endeavoured to invest more in varied learning. We believe that this approach helps children to engage with education from an early age and sets them up nicely for Reception in our Boys School or Girls School.

Preparing children for the next school transition is not our only focus, we also want to give our students a solid foundation in living an active and healthy lifestyle. We aim to achieve this by providing nutritious meals and snacks, you can learn more about the food on offer here. As part of the curriculum, second year nursery children participate in a weekly lesson with a member of the games staff team from the main school. These teachers are fantastic role models and provide a real opportunity to secure a passion for exercise at an early stage in our students school career.

If you choose to send your son or daughter to a private nursery, you can be confident that our staff team will encourage learning in a varied way to encourage development through a range of different techniques at either of our sites, in Croyden or Purely.

Our South Croydon nursery is open 51 weeks of the year, perfect for working parents and also overlooks the spacious sports fields of the boy’s school. Our nursery down the leafy Woodcote lane in Purley is term time only, both of our private nurseries are co-ed for children from 2 years old.


Come and see our nursery in action at our nursery open day and learn more about how we operate and can provide your child with the best start in their school career.

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