Spotlight on Maths

sportlight on maths

Following educational research, in 2014, the National Curriculum for England was changed, and a ‘Mastery’ approach adopted. This was based on findings from schools in east and south-east Asia such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea and China. White Rose Maths scheme of work was produced to meet the aims of the National Curriculum and to develop a culture of deep understanding, confidence and competency in maths – a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress.

As a school group, we have been using White Rose Maths to support the delivery of our Mathematics teaching throughout the last year. Our focus has been on developing our children’s conceptual understanding through the use of concrete manipulative and pictorial representations before moving onto the abstract forms. Once fluency is secure, learning is deepened through the use of reasoning and problem-solving tasks to further embed the learning.

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