Single sex education with co-ed opportunities

Cumnor House School

Single education can often raise questions about social experiences with the opposite sex. It is assumed  that if you attend a single sex school, there is no interaction with the opposite sex, at Cumnor House School this is not the case at all. We have both an independent girls school and a boys school, whereby we have co-ed opportunities for specific activities.

Extra curricular activities

During the school day the boys and girls attend classes separately, however our extra curricular activities include both the schools, particularly with Forest School, Choir trips, residential trips and Bushcraft. We believe that the children can learn from each other in these environments both socially and academically.Other clubs and activities are also open to both sexes and have further opportunities to interact and make friendships.


Independent schools have a reputation for being very sport focussed, Cumnor House School is particularly keen to involve students in sporting endeavours. Swimming is one of the most prominent sports where boys and girls interact, currently leading the charge as top swim team in Surrey. As well as our highly successful swim team, we run multiple level teams across both schools and encourage children of all abilities to join, encouraging development and giving each student the opportunity to perform at school, county and country levels.

We also run Saturday morning sports development sessions. These sessions are for both girls and boys and our staff specialists spend time with the children, delving deeper into the mastery of the chosen sport. For our more dedicated students we also offer individualised  sports programmes for each child to experience sports competition and develop their competitive edge.


Whether your child attends Cumnor House Boys School or the Girls School, you can be safe in the knowledge that despite receiving a single sex education, they will have plenty of co-ed opportunities available to them. The best way to see how we operate is to pay us visit on one of our open days, we look forward to welcoming you!

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