Igniting a Child’s Passion

For young individuals to thrive, we believe it’s most important for them to be able to express themselves – in all walks of life. At Cumnor House Girls school, our teaching staff actively encourage pupils to expand their learning with our mastery approach to education. This, combined with a broad programme of extra-curricular activity provides the perfect setting for children to maximise their talents and become the best that they can be.


Expanding Creative Thinking

It comes as no surprise that creativity can drive passion, and this should be no different when it comes to education. Often the things that draw your interest the most are spontaneous. This ‘outside thinking’ can drive passion, and should be encouraged in young people throughout their education.

Our teaching staff encourage pupils to express themselves and to work hard to ‘be their best self’ through development of their own mastery approach to education and continued celebration of their achievements.


Investing in Students’ Interests

Understanding students and getting to know them on a personal level helps us to understand their individual motivations. Whilst teaching a solid foundation is important, providing the platform that allows students to apply their own interpretations on their learning can also greatly help to develop their mastery skills in education.

At Cumnor House Girls school, we understand that finding out what motivates a student, will produce far greater results – and yield greater learning opportunities. A strong pastoral approach and an understanding of how pupils feel will lead to a more positive learning environment.

For example, at Cumnor House School for Girls, we are very passionate about Drama, Music and the Arts, and how we make learning come alive. We offer a wide range of creative arts at our private girls school in Croydon, all for our students to develop their own passions.

If you’d like to book a visit to Cumnor House Girls School, or to find out more about the approach we take to learning, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our helpful staff members will be happy to talk you through any questions that you may have.

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