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Headmistress’ Weekly Blog – 14.06.2019

When the girls came back to school after half term, they were full of smiles when they saw that the playground had been brightly adorned with new markings for hopscotch, chess, noughts and crosses, 4 square and many other things; break time saw the girls playing together, making up games and explaining rules to each other. The PA have kindly bought some giant chess pieces, dice etc., to enable to girls to play further. I mentioned the chess pieces to a couple of girls, who were contorted in an interesting manner over the chess board, and their response to me was that there was no rush as they were using it to play twister! Such improvisation and creativity.

The second half of term also began with the installation of new white boards in the school. We have 2 sets of new laptops for the girls to use for their ICT and to supplement their other learning and the staff have new tablets in order to enhance their teaching, these link wirelessly to the white boards to make them fully interactive and the bigger, clearer displays make things easier to see for the girls. Staff have begun to have training on how to incorporate these new tools into their lessons effectively.

We were delighted to welcome our new Reception girls into school for their Teddy Bears’ Picnic Transition Day last week. Seeing them alongside our current Reception girls really highlighted how far our current girls have come this year, not just in terms of their academic learning, but their confidence and personalities are really shining through. To watch the older girls helping and being kind and thoughtful towards the little ones was heart-warming. The Reception class also had a great time at Bocketts Farm on Friday, consolidating their learning and having a lot of fun too. Clever timings meant that, although the order of the day was altered slightly, they managed to escape the rain – otherwise, with all the rain and animals – they may have needed to build an ark!

Thank you to the PA for organising all the fantastic events across the year but especially for the Summer Fair. We had a fabulous day with bouncy castles, the police, a virtual reality room, scrumptious food and much, much more. There was such a great feeling of family and community that it is difficult to express how joyful the atmosphere was. Thank you to all of the Parents, Pupils and PA who attended and made it such a special occasion, the weather held.. just.. and such fun was had by all!

We should be concerned about the worsening air pollution in London and the surrounding areas and I would hate to feel like we are contributing to it in any way. To this end, at drop-off and pickup, could parents please turn off car engines rather than allowing them to idle.

Sports Day is approaching – 19th June – and, as last year, we invite parents to share a picnic on the field with their daughters. We fully understand that some parents may not be able to attend Sports Day due to work commitments and that their daughter will need a school packed lunch, please could you ensure that you complete the forms, so we cater for the correct number of children. I look forward to seeing parents supporting their daughters and replicating not only the fabulous family atmosphere that we had last year, and the Mexican waves, but the total hilarity that was shared at the parents’ races!

You will shortly receive an invitation to Prize Giving, this will be held at Croydon Minster at 2pm on 2nd July. Full details in the letter.

There are many more events to come this term, it will be over in a flash.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs A. McShane

“People today have forgotten they’re really just a part of nature. Yet, they destroy the nature on which our lives depend. They always think they can make something better. The most important things for human beings are clean air and clean water.”

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