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Headmistress’ Blog

Welcome back to a new term, a new year and a new decade.  I hope that you have had a good break and been able to spend some quality time with your families. The girls have certainly been full of beans since their return and are eager to get on with their learning.

We look forward to welcoming you to parents’ evenings on Tuesday and Thursday and for you to have the opportunity to discuss your daughter’s report and targets with her teachers.  Please be mindful that interview times need to be adhered to for the events to run smoothly.  If discussions are likely to take longer, the form teacher may suggest a meeting at another time in order to stick to schedule.  Meetings with the available subject teachers are on an ad hoc basis, please be aware that there may be several people waiting, so please be succinct and note that you possibly do not need to see all the teachers.

As many of you are aware, we will be saying farewell to Mrs Fontanals at the end of this term.  For personal reasons, Mrs Fontanals is moving away from the area.  We will be very sad to see her go as she has brought great energy and enthusiasm to our music department.  We will be welcoming Natasha Parsons, an equally talented and experienced Head of Music to the school from the Summer term.   Also leaving us, (on maternity leave) at the end of this term will be Mrs Toft, who is expecting her second child and she will be replaced by Jane Wise.  Also departing on maternity leave at the end of this term will be Mrs Pym who is expecting her first child and Mrs Harvie who is expecting her second, we are seeking to fill these positions at the moment.  We are also recruiting for a Year Two teacher for June as Miss Maple is also expecting her first baby.   Massive congratulations to our teachers and their growing families.

So here we are, 2020.   I spoke to the girls about how we should make this a year of clear sightedness, where we all have 20:20 vision.  A vision to see exactly what we want to achieve – not just tomorrow, next week, next month; but instead to think a whole year ahead. Not to live in the moment and take the future as it comes, but to fashion the future that we want and not be scared to look ahead and what excitements it may hold.  We thought that clear vision meant that we would not wear blinkers, we would need to see what was happening on all sides because we do not want to be so set in our ways that we miss opportunities.  We also recognised that when things seem blurry it helps to rub our eyes and wipe away things that obscure our vision.  Things that may make our own forward vision blurred can be the thoughts and opinions of others, when we should be following our own vision.

Sometimes we find it hard to look ahead, we may be afraid, nervous of the unknown and we may feel uncertain.  We may lack self-confidence and doubt our ability to face the challenges that we know will come our way.  In fact, as we look to the year ahead, it might feel as if we don’t have 20/20 vision; and that we need  glasses!

Sadly, magic spectacles don’t exist, but there is help, there are other pairs of eyes to help you look at the year ahead, and they may help you to see more clearly – teachers and other adults in school will always be on hand to talk, to listen and offer advice.  There are parents and friends who may have the help us see clearly. And, if we have faith, we can also pray, daily and ask for guidance for the time ahead.

So, let’s grasp this opportunity, wipe the blurriness away from our eyes and take control of our future by planning, allowing us to see clearly.  Let’s make sure that we all have 20:20 vision for the year 2020.  Take a moment to listen to Jimmy Cliff, “I can see Clearly now”

“A goal gives you the lens to see the future with a clearer vision” – J R Rim

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