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For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Headmistress’ Blog

Dear Parents,
Today is the first day of our closure and I hope that this situation will be over more quickly than some sources would suggest.  Last week was challenging dealing with an unfolding of events and having to respond and problem solve quickly.  My staff were fantastic, dealing with every challenge with the utmost professionalism, seeking solutions to issues arising ranging from how we can offer the best on-line education possible for your daughters – making it manageable for parents to administer and still be a meaningful learning experience.   There will be hiccoughs along the way, but please know that we all want what is best for our girls so we will always reflect and refine our practice.
The girls carried every day filled with good cheer and although some were clearly anxious having seen news reports, they carried on their learning  with good concentration and supporting one another, they were flexible when we had to make changes and when we had cancel or postpone matches, trips etc they understood, not one girl sulked about a missed opportunity.  They remained positive and a credit to us all.
Parents, thank you.  There were so many parentmails (the system crashed  nationally by the end of the week). Thank you for reading them and accepting with such good grace the measures that we were having to put in place. Everything that we did was ultimately for the benefit and safety of the girls.  Thank you for your words of support, every one of them I forwarded onto the staff, it was actually quite humbling to receive your affirmations of our wonderful little school and they were warming at a very emotional time.
The last day of formal school was delightful, we wanted the girls to have a good time with their friends, many of whom they may not see for a while.
We were very sad to say goodbye to Mrs Fontanals and the girls sang for her and presented her with farewell gifts.  We will miss her greatly, she has brought a vibrancy to the music department and inspired the girls in many ways.  We will miss her.
During this time of learning from home, enjoy your daughters. Routine is important, but so is flexibility.  Please do contact form or subject teachers if there is a problem with set work and they will do their best to help remotely.
It is so important to maintain the social contact, we may not have physical contact but we must maintain news and friendships.  To this end I will continue to post on Twitter and Instagram – @headshipjourney  on both platforms – please follow me so that you can share with me all the wonderful things that will still continue.
“There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart.”
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