Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Headmistress’ Blog

It was good to see so many of you at Parents’ Evenings this week, thank you for finding time to have these very important conversations. It was lovely to hear so many positive comments about how happy your girls are here and how well they are doing. We have a very vibrant school where your daughters have many opportunities to shine and grow as individuals.

Next week’s big event is the Young Voices concert at the O2. I love that our girls will be able to say they performed at the O2. It will be a fabulous event and a happy memory that will stay with them for many years.

On Monday 20th, from 18:00 – 20:00, we are delighted to welcome Mr Lowde, Headmaster of Box Hill School to lead a fun and interactive talk on understanding the mysterious teenage brain. This talk offers advice aiming to help minimise conflict, improve communication, set boundaries, encourage motivation, understand responsibility and prepare them to grow from a child to an amazing young adult.

This talk, “The Teenage Brain” is being held at the Boys’ school. This promises to be very interesting and will give parents a steer as to how best to manage what can, for some, be a difficult time and prevent children from becoming “Wayne and Waynettas”.

Year Six have now finished their exams, just a few interviews still to be had and then we will await the results. So far, we are delighted that 9 girls have been offered places at Woldingham and 9 girls have been offered at Sutton High. In conversation with the Head at Old Palace she spoke to me at length about how impressed she was with our girls at interview, how well the spoke and with great confidence and interest – “not at all prim or prissy which I feared they may be.” I am sure that you can imagine how proud I was to hear that. Our girls do speak well, they are interesting, and they are self-assured – this is what we do at Cumnor. We have high expectations academically, as you would expect, but also socially, in those interpersonal skills – skills need to be learned and practised – these are essential for good working relationships, not just now but when these girls go into the workplace.

Parents in Year 5 will soon be receiving invitations to come and talk to me later on this term about senior schools. In the Summer term we will also be hosting the popular Future Schools event where many of the schools that we feed to come and set out their stall. I will also be hosting an information evening for parents of Years 3 and 4 about the senior school process – Independent, State and Grammar. Please know that I will be guiding you, as well as our girls, through this process. Cumnor Girls has very good and strong links with the schools to which we feed, and I feel very strongly that we get our girls into the right school for them. There is no perfect school, but there is a school that is absolutely right for your daughter. (Which may not be the same as the one that may be right for others in that class!)

Borrow a Bunny – Monty is a happy rabbit and very sociable, loving his cuddles. A couple of parents have asked if they could “borrow a bunny” for a weekend or part of the holidays and the answer is, yes. This would be lovely for the girls to have to take a greater responsibility, or even serve as a trial run before you decide whether owning a pet is for you. If you would like to “borrow a bunny”, please let us know via the office and we will arrange a time for Monty to come for a sleepover.

Monty will soon have a friend ….. watch this space!

Are you a sharent?

Schools are limited in their use of images of children – for obvious safeguarding reasons, and we do seek consent from all parents to use and share images. And you are all familiar with me asking parents at events such as nativities and sports days etc not to take photographs, or to ensure that you only photograph your own daughter or to remind you not to post on social media, Much of this is to encourage you to enjoy the moment, to find pleasure in the “now” and to see a performance as it is happening and not through a tiny screen. But the other side is that when we are not in control of the pictures we do not know how and where they are shared. We have noticed that parents are very happy to share images of their children via social media platforms and sometimes we are awkwardly placed in this. a website that we use in school to educate your daughters and aimed at raising awareness of that digital tattoo of whatever is posted, and how we can keep safe. It is designed for children and adults and I would urge you to have a look. Not to be scared and over cautious, but to be well informed because then the best decisions can be made.

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