Headmistress’ Blog – 15.03.2019

Dear Parents,

It has been a very busy few weeks.  I have been delighted to be part of the audience for some fabulous events. The Years 3 and 4 retelling – singing – of the alternative fairytale of “Snow White” written by Roald Dahl was fabulous. The girls performed with verve and vigour and the audience was totally engaged. Who needs the West End Theatre when we have Cumnor Theatre. We also had two Year 6 assemblies, very different in their approach, 6C’s where we discovered what the girls had been learning and 6T entertained us with a sketch show.

Years 4 – 6 performed a musical evening, where we were astounded by the musical talent and promise of so many girls. Thank you to parents for attending these events, as I say very often, your support and enthusiasm for these events is really appreciated by your daughters.

I have been very pleased to welcome parents into school for the “Look at Learning” mornings and again, the girls have been delighted to show their work and talk about their learning with you. I hope that you have been impressed by their progress and the eloquence with which they speak about their studies.

Reception took delivery of their new mud kitchen and have been delighted to play with it at break times – who knew that there were so many recipes for mud pies? Due to the wind, Reception did not venture to Farthingdown Woods for fear of being blown away, instead we stayed closer to home and investigated the frogspawn in our pond then walked up to the Green to look for and draw daffodils. Year 5 visited Morden Hall and had a day of pond dipping, investigating water quality, depth and flow. All girls arrived back at school buzzing with all that they had done and full of fresh air with a happy sparkle in their eyes.

We held our charity elections this week, suffice to say that due democratic process was followed, four charities were presented to the school, all pupils and staff voted and the elected charity is the Rainbow Trust. Each house will now think of a charity event to run over the next 12 months to raise money.

As you are aware the school’s ADE was Robin Davies. The ADE acts as the school’s governance and oversees Cumnor and several other schools. Robin has now left Cognita and has been replaced by Jo Storey. You will notice that her name appears on various bits of documentation, and I know that she will be scheduling visits to the schools over the next few months so that staff and children get to know her. She has been involved with Cognita before taking on this role, so is familiar with its workings. Prior to this she was the Head Teacher at Thornton College, she is also an ISI inspector. I am sure that you will find her approachable and that you will join me in welcoming her as our ADE. Should you ever need to contact her, her email address is jo.storey@cognita.com

A reminder about Woodcote Lane. First of all thank you for adhering to our new parking requirements at evening events, and for following the instructions of the parking marshalls. We do endeavour to help everyone park safely in quite a small space. Please continue to be mindful of the Lane at other times too, by not parking across driveways, double parking or using residents driveways to turn in. As you are aware there should be no double parking on the Lane and there should not be any U-Turns, please use the school driveway as your turning circle. We must be mindful that Woodcote Lane is a private road and use it with due consideration to our neighbours, in order that we may coexist without undue friction. Thank you for your understanding with this.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

John Bunyan

Kind Regards,

Amanda McShane

020 8660 3445