Headmistress’ Blog 15.02.2019

It has been another busy week at Cumnor.  Year 2 ventured into London to put their learning about the Fire of London into context, they had a fabulous time and were able to recount the things that they had learnt. Both classes have presented very different and informative assemblies to their parents and were able to get their points across very clearly and confidently.  It is lovely to see how the girls get so excited about their assemblies as they want to share their learning with parents.  Thank you for coming and showing them your support when you can. Year 2 girls have also made models of London houses and they will be lined up in streets and ignited – under the careful supervision of Croydon Fire Service who will then douse the flames. So much learning here on fire safety!

This week, in assembly we have been thinking about compassion. Some girls shared facts that they had learned about Mother Theresa and we discussed in groups about the acts she did that showed compassion. We then considered what we could do to follow her example and show empathy and compassion within our school and community. We have a very special school community here at Cumnor, the girls show genuine care and respect for one another; the big sister approach enables all children to feel safe and the older girls develop a greater sense of responsibility towards the younger girls. While the younger girls look up to, respect and aspire to be like our older girls. But it is not just about the girls sharing compassion, it is about the staff and parents too, broadening their focus to a more mindful approach and moving away from indifference and judgement.  Acts of compassion need not be huge gestures but can be small everyday things such as a smile or a kind word; it is about being mindful and showing an understanding of others.  I believe that this should be embedded in everything that we do, we should aim for it to be a life long philosophy.   and it can only become this if we practise it every day. As a school we decided that we could try and do the following:

  • to try to be aware of the needs of others so I can support them
  • to try to imagine and understand the feelings of others
  • to concentrate on the good in others instead of judging harshly
  • to be generous and unselfish in my giving of service to others
  • to forgive others when they make mistakes
  • to look for ways to be helpful instead of waiting to be asked
  • to find ways to volunteer in the community and world
  • to be gentle with words and actions
  • to notice if someone looks left out and then try to include them

We all acknowledged that it may be difficult to practise compassion at all times, but that that we should at least try!

“If you judge people you have no time to love them.”

Mother Teresa

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