Headmaster’s Weekly Message – 20 May 2019

Dear Parents

The final week of the first half of summer term is upon us. Last week we celebrated Mental Health Awareness week. This year, Mr Bolton has been working hard with staff and boys, to continually improve Cumnor House Mental Health. As Mr Bolton has articulated to the boys, we all have mental health, be it positive or negative. Similarly to physical health there are times when we will all suffer a decline in our mental health. The mental health educational message we are conveying to our boys, is that, like physical health, we can manage and support positive outcomes with healthy habits. Such healthy habits may be sleeping well, thinking positively, to avoid ruminating (over-thinking) and above all for men particularly, sharing and talking to friends and adults when times are difficult.

It is my belief the opportunity to fail and to overcome challenge in school, is vital to develop positive mental health. Continuing the physical health analogy… It provides the ‘workout’ that our mind requires in a safe environment. One where we can learn from failures and challenges, to develop further resolve and resilience against similar scenarios in later life. Please continue this conversation with your own children at home, as it should not stop at the end of Mental Health Awareness week.

I am pleased to communicate that we have now completed phase two of the digital and IT refresh for the school. Continuing on from network improvements, teachers have now received new hardware (laptops/tablets/desktops). Children’s class laptops have also been replaced and are already being used. We await delivery of 35 new digital display boards over the coming weeks, which will be installed in all teaching rooms. To support teachers and to ensure we get the very best educational opportunities from the hardware refreshed, we are also assigning and training digital champions, as well as providing specific training and professional development opportunities for all staff. Cumnor House Nursery will also benefit from the refresh, in the coming months, watch this space.

Have a super week and I look forward to seeing all the boys after the half term break on Monday 3rd June 2019.

Best wishes

Mr Cummings


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