Headmaster’s Message: The Fox and The Crow

This week began with an assembly using the morale of Aesop’s fable ‘The Fox and the Crow’ as the theme for learning. In the fable, the Fox flatters the Crow in order to steal some food, the lesson of the fable is to warn the unsuspecting, that flattery can sometimes be used unscrupulously to bring down our personal barriers and protection.

Interestingly this led to our second lesson of the assembly, which was to avoid self-flattery and arrogance, particularly when it makes others feel bad about their own achievements.

It is my belief that we are a progressive and developmental school that supports all children to achieve their potential. In its very essence this means that some children will have different strengths to others and over time these will change and develop at different rates. This is why we see early readers who learn to read at a young age but don’t guarantee them a path to be the best reader or writer in the school by the time they are 11. Equally we see many children who are ‘A’ team standard at the beginning of Prep school but aren’t always the ‘A’ team players when they get older. In the same principle, we see many children signed to academies when they are young but they do not become professional sports people as adults. In fact children who are older when selected often come with talent and a learnt work ethic that complement each other to help achieve a higher level of attainment.

It is therefore important that we teach our children to be humble and modest with regard to their achievements, modelling to them respect and support of others that may not have reached their level… yet! Cumnor House is lucky to have so many gifted and talented pupils, but the true sign of a great school is when a school works together to help everyone to develop and achieve.

I was very pleased to see our first Rugby team of the week, which highlights my point, with the inclusion of children from all the different grades of rugby that we take part in. All the boys contributed brilliantly last week, one of our strongest sets of rugby results for quite some time.

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