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Headmaster’s Blog – December 2019

Dear Parents

Another week passes at Cumnor House and we are but 2 weeks away from a well-deserved winter break.

I was extremely proud to be part of the audience for the Reception class Nativity performance this week. In my 20 years teaching experience I have not seen one better, the singing, the speaking and acting were of a standard normally reserved for much older boys. This does not happen by chance and I put it down to the incredible work of the Reception team and the continued support of parents working in partnership with us, to offer the best learning and confidence building opportunities for the Reception Boys. Thank you to Miss Secker, Mrs Kelly and the Reception Team for providing us with such a festive treat.

Something else that does not happen by chance at Cumnor is the phenomenal success we are seeing in swimming. Mr Fitzgerald has worked tirelessly to support the development of swimming at Cumnor House and the two Galas against large local schools this week, have proven our dominance in the pool once again. Congratulations to the Boys that swam against Royal Russell and Royal Alexander this week, their hard work and determination in the pool should be celebrated greatly.

Thank you to those parents who have continued to support my measures to show respect to local road users and neighbours. The local safer neighbourhoods Met Police Team have notified me that will be making regular patrols at school closing times to ensure we are parking sensibly.

Please pay attention to all the events that are planned over the coming weeks as we are extremely busy leading up to the end of term. I am expecting to see all boys from Year 3 to 8 attend the Carol Service on Tuesday at the Minster, and I look forward to seeing many of our families from Nursery to Year 8 joining us on a very special evening.


Have a great week.

Mr Cummings

020 8660 3445