Focus on Maths

focus on maths b

In our 2018-19 academic year, all mathematics classes were no longer using streaming as a means of grouping the boys by ability. Every class throughout the school is now being taught in mixed ability lessons, which has provided the opportunity to allow all boys to strive. The ceiling has been removed from the presumed attainment and now children are able to access a variety of activities with varying challenges. This has resulted in many of our boys making more than expected progress, as well as helping build confidence in their own mathematical ability.

In addition to the removal of streaming, Cumnor has moved to teaching of mastery for all children. In line with the National Curriculum, all children should be fluent in mathematical concepts and show ability to apply those skills to problem solving and reasoning tasks. The boys have shown great progress in verbalising their thinking and making links across topics. I am proud of all the boys for taking on board these new challenges and persevering throughout this change. I cannot wait to see how far we can continue to push this next year.

The boys have taken part in several activities this year including great success in the Mathletics school challenges where we had two boys place in the top ten. Years 5 and 6 participated in the Maths Challenge with Joshua, Ethan, Kamran, Ishan and Ayan advancing into the second round. Year 7 and 8 boys participated in the Junior Maths Challenges with A’yaan and Cody achieving year group high scores. Well done to all the boys.
Preparation for both the 11+ and 13+ is key for our boys and clubs were offered to support them with their preparation. In addition, the Year 5 and Year 6 boys enjoyed solving tricky problems and allowing themselves to think differently in Challenge Clubs.

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