Focus on English

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This year at Cumnor we have introduced a new way of teaching and learning English; we use one focus text that the majority of our work stems from.
This new approach provides both support and opportunities for learners of all abilities. It allows learners to become familiar with the central text and practise skills such as predicting, comparing, making connections and synthesising. This approach takes up no more or less time than would already be used but makes more effective use of that time. Covering fewer texts in a more focused way means more time to get deeply into the full range of curriculum requirements in terms of reading, writing, drama and spoken language. By introducing supporting texts covering similar themes, we are setting the expectation that pupils become experts in their field, meaning that when they come to write, they are confident and enthusiastic. This approach resonates especially with high ability learners. Last but certainly not least, this approach is fun!

Some fantastic writing and reading responses have been created so far this year, and the children have really enjoyed it. They appreciate the  opportunity to get deeply into one text, and the scope to show off just what they can do. Joined with our already vibrant offerings such as theatre trips, author visits, Roald Dahl Day, World Book Day, numerous book fairs, Black History celebrations and more, we are thrilled to be offering
a deeper and more invigorating approach to English.

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