Are there entry requirements for private nurseries?

Cumnor House nursery

If you have been considering enrolling your child at a private nursery, you may be considering whether or not there are any entry requirements – or other issues that need to be considered before entering your child’s application.

There are different nursery admission requirements between both public and private nurseries, so it is important to understand what to expect before you consider applying to either.

Academic requirements

At nursery education level, children are still finding their feet when it comes to learning. As such, the vast majority of private nurseries do not employ any academic tests for children to take prior to being offered a place.

At Cumnor House Nursery, we don’t believe in putting any unnecessary pressure on children at such an early age, which is why Cumnor House does not have any academic entry requirements for children wishing to join our private nursery. At nursery level, a passion and excitement for learning and working with others is far more important.

Time requirements

When it comes to state nurseries, there are strict timeframes for nursery admissions. Forms must be received by the end of February and if they are not, you will have to wait until all other applications have been processed before yours will be considered.

This is less of an issue when applying for private nurseries. While children are encouraged to start the nursery year in September when it begins, parents can still put in an application for a nursery at any point, which allows for greater flexibility.

At Cumnor House Nursery, children can join our nursery at any time, subject to availability. If they join after September, they will be given a ‘buddy’ to help them settle in, as well as additional support from their teacher.

Location requirements

For private nurseries, your location in relation to the nursery itself will not be considered as an entry requirement for most nurseries you apply for. While public nurseries cannot by law prioritise children closer to the school, there is evidence that those that live closer do stand a greater chance of getting into their chosen nursery.

At Cumnor House Nursery, we don’t believe location should affect a child’s chances of securing a place. That’s why there is no catchment area for parents wishing to enrol their child at our private nursery.

Cost requirements

When applying to private nurseries, the costs are always important to consider. These will vary between nurseries, and the number of days a week you wish to have your child in a nursery will also impact how much you will have to pay per term.

In order for your child to benefit from the curriculum on offer, we require all children attending Cumnor House Nursery to be with us for a minimum of 3 days a week. For a full breakdown of the admission costs for our nursery, please visit our registration and fees page.

For more information about enrolling in Cumnor House Nursery, we invite you to come along to one of our upcoming open mornings to experience what we can offer your child firsthand. Alternatively, book a private tour with us, or contact us today.

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